Spider-Man Spider-Man Graphic Novel to introduce Peter Parker's 'sister'.


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Jul 24, 2004
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SPIDER-MAN Gets a Sister in 2014 Waid-Robinson Graphic Novel

Spider-Man is 'apparently' getting a sister.

Yes, you read that right.

Marvel's next original graphic novel in May, 2014 will introduce Peter Parker's 'apparent' sibling in Family Business, co-written by Mark Waid and James Robinson with painted art by Gabriele Dell'otto.

And to answer the $64,000 dollar question, Family Business is set before the events of Superior Spider-Man. So the story will be pure Peter Parker "to make it a "a little more outside-audience friendly," Waid explained.


The only good thing about this is "with painted art by Gabriele Dell'otto
I'm guessing that it's not really going to be his actual sister. There's, of course, more to it than that.

Still, with Mark Waid gives me hope. I don't think I've read anything by James Robinson. I've seen a lot of dislike for his work, but I still have to judge his writing for myself; although it'll be tough with this since it's not exactly known what parts or whatever he co-wrote.

The only good thing about this is "with painted art by Gabriele Dell'otto"

Mark Waid is solid. I'm sure like Ice said there is some kind of trick behind this, so I wouldn't get to worried about it.

Still, this kind of attention grab makes me :roll:
Still, with Mark Waid gives me hope./QUOTE]

Mark Waid is solid. I'm sure like Ice said there is some kind of trick behind this, so I wouldn't get to worried about it.

Still, this kind of attention grab makes me :roll:

I like Mark Waid. But I haven't really ever enjoyed his Spidey stuff. I think I'm just a grumpy old man when it comes to Spider-Man.

And yeah, I doubt it's really his sister. But then again, Doc Ock married Aunt May, clones, Norman "never died," Gwen had children with Norman, Peter sold his marriage with MJ to Mephisto, and now Doc Ock is living in Peter's body.

Yeah, I'm definitely a grumpy old man when it comes to Spider-Man...
Anyone else read this?... I didn't think it was half bad. I actually wouldn't mind seeing this continued in in the core book.
Well since no one else is going to write a review. I might as well...

First off I'd like to say I was not thrilled at the price. I have a good amount of cash in my Itunes account so, I got this on Comixology. I felt it was a pretty good story but not $25 worth. So if money is an issue for you go ahead and wait for the price to drop.


Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business:
Mark Waid
Gabriele Dellotto
Werther Delledera​

The Story begins in a Tunisia mental asylum three months prier to the story. In walks the Kingpin, he approaches a man cowering in the corner. The man recognizes the Kingpin right away. The Kingpin tells him names without a audience. The Kingpin says: "No pint using tabloid names without an audience,
. I'll Be Mr. Fisk, And you be
Mr. Flumm." Mentallo
, asks how he got past all the guards. Mr. Fisk then proceeds to tell
, How and why he is here to see him. Fisk tells the story of how he put himself in the asylum to put his plan to work. Make sure not only that he take control of the the Asylum and make sure he,
would be put there. So he would be more willing to work for Fisk.

Today, we see Peter Parker trying to get to the corner market to pay his bills before his power is shut off. The Store manager meets Peter at the door and tells him to come back in five minutes, even though it's almost closing time. Peter's Spider-sense goes off. he then notices the place is being robbed. Peter the whips in to action as Spider-Man displaying his classic wit (as we have all missed since Doc Ock took over Peter's body.) Spider-Man stops the bad guys in his usual fashion, with him end up paying a price for doing what he does. Not only having his cloths end up in a mess. But he was unable to pay his electric bill.

Peter walks into his apartment. notices his power is already off. Spider-Sense goes off again and team of armed men with guns and floodlights storm in through his wall. At first Peter assumes someone has figured out his secret. But it turns out they are here for Peter Parker. Peter is quickly hooked up to a tow rope and is whisked away via a helicopter. Peter uses the cover of the night to brake free and drop. Hoping that even if his assailants caught up to him. They would assume he landed in a dumpster or something. But instead lands on the top of a car. He is quickly pulled in by a woman claiming to be not only an agent of the C.I.A. but his sister.

Peter assume this has got to be a trick of some kind but his Spider-Sense was not going off so, he plays along. Peter asks "Since when did I have a Sister?" Teresa says she'll explain everything but first they need to loose these guys. They ditch the car and hail a cab to the nearest airport. During the dive Teresa explains that as a baby she had been put up for adoption. She shows Peter a picture of her as a baby with her parents, Richard and Mary Parker. Peter can tell this picture has not been doctored but still does not want to believe this. They then get on a plain heading for Monaco.

They arrive in Monaco and proceed to the Hotel Metropole. She has Peter meet with a tailor with a fitting for a new suit (Not a spider-Suit). As Peter is getting measured, he make a call to Aunt May. Telling her he was out of town for a Science conference. And then asked May if his parents ever thought about having a little girl. May asked what brought out such a question. Peter tells her, he had a dream about having a sister. May tells him that Richard and Mary had talked wanting a little girl.

After they are both dressed Peter and Teresa head to the Monte Carlo Casino to meet up with Teresa's contact. Teresa didn't tell her contact that she would be bring someone with her. So she hands Peter some chips and tells him to stick close. A man Approaches Peter and stick a gun in his back telling him he needs to come with them. Peter then takes the guy down quickly and causes a distraction (by tossing the table) knowing there was someone else after them. Another man is about to usher Teresa away when all of sudden he is webbed in the face. Spider-Man webbs up all the people in the room with guns. Then walks in a man in a Trench coat. Pete's Spider-Sense goes off. The man reveals that he is actually

Cyclone whips up a storm
once he sees he's facing Spider-Man. Spider-Man webbs everyone down to keep them safe and proceeds to take
down. Everyone (including Teresa) is shock to see Spider-Man there. Peter quickly explains that he is the French version of Spider-Man with a fake french accent hoping everyone buys it. After all the action Peter meets back up with Teresa. Teresa says she got what she came for, an address. The take off in Teresa's car. Peter is done doing all this cloak and dagger thing. He forces Teresa to stop and refuses go any further till he has more answers. Teresa gives in and tells Peter about what really brought her to find him.

Teresa tells Peter that someone was gaining power in Europe and Northern Africa. And they after something, Something to do with Richard and Mary Parker. After looking in to there files Teresa found out it had something to do with lost Nazi gold. And that Peter Parker was the key to locate this lost gold. She also found all the information about her and her adoption. The address she obtained was the Parker's old mission controller.

Peter and Teresa then proceed to locate the old mission controller, Chigaru-Emile Chigaru. Chigaru sits them down and tells them the story of the lost Nazi gold. The it had been locked away an special vault that could only be opened by Richard Parker. Using DNA locks, facial recognition, and Vocal recognition. Since Peter bears a striking resemblance to his Father and share DNA, using modern technology the locks could be fooled. But that was not the only problem. The gold was also buried Sleepers (early Nazi version of the Sentinels). But Chigaru was also unaware that the Parker's had a daughter. He gives them the address of the Parker's safe house. After Peter and Teresa leave Chigaru take the cup of tea that Teresa was drinking.

Peter and Teresa arrive at the safe house. They take in all of their surroundings. Peter asks how are we going to find out about this gold. And just like that the holographic computer responds. Peter is able to find the location of the gold in Cairo. Peter's Spider-Sense goes off. We see a helicopter launching two rockets at the safe house. Peter grabs Teresa and runs out of the safe house just before it explodes. Peter has Teresa by the hand as they hang over a cliff. Teresa see Peter's Spider-Suit through his tater cloths. Peter pulls them both up.

We now see Peter and Teresa on a flight to Cairo. Teresa has a thousand questions for Peter during the whole trip. They land and and then we see them in some unknown place. Teresa hands Peter a briefcase it's a new Spider-Suit made for him to fool the locks on the vault. The locate the vault. Peter hears a formal voice call out SPIDER-MAN? It's Wilson Fisk. Fisk is surprised and shocked that he didn't figure that Peter Parker and Spider-Man was one in the same. Fisk then tells Mentallo to let Spider-Man see them, every man every gun. Fisk tells Peter to open the vault or they kill his sister.
Peter then reveals that he already knows that Teresa is not his sister.
Fisk then explain what his plan was. Peter is forced to open the vault. releasing the Sleeper.

Peter then proceeds to fight the Sleeper and Teresa fights The Kingpin and his men. Teresa figures out fast that the kingpin does not have that many men at his side. She knocks out Mentallo before he can gab her. Peter destroys the Sleep. The Kingpin take a cheep shot and sucker punches Peter. Peter then knocks The kingpin out with one punch. We then see Peter walking away, Peter's Spider-Sense goes off and we see the kingpin had not been knocked out and has a gun pointed at Peter. Peter is to close and to weak to get out of the way in time. Teresa has a gun pointed and the Kingpin's head. And tells him to drop it... Teresa knocks out the kingpin and she's about to pull the trigger. Peter tells her to stop! We don't operate like that.
Teresa tells Peter, I'm not like you! But she can't pull the trigger. The kingpin knocks the gun away causing it to go off and hit Peter. The Kingpin grabs Teresa and tells her she should had accepted the chance to work with him.
Mentallo grabs the Kingpin, and says, No one should ever!, Mentallo uses his power to knocking all of them out.

Peter is the first to wake up. He checks on Mentallo and Mentallo is in a catatonic state. Teresa doesn't know who peter is. Peter ditches his costume before Teresa is full aware of everything. Peter tells her enough of the story to satisfy Teresa and her superiors. They assume The Kingpin was dead and buried, they part ways. We last see The Kingpin wandering the desert trying to remember his plan to find and meet Mr. Flumm.

We reflect back to Richard and Mary. Mary is worried that Peter won't understand some of the choices they have made. Richard reassures her that they are not going to be in the spy game forever. That they will be a family. The Three Par-keros. Mary say, Three Huh? As she looks down at her stomach....

I left out some stuff. But basically that's it. Over all not a bad read. And I loved the art. And like I said, I wouldn't mind them picking this up and continued in in the core book(s).
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I don't know of or care about any of the names in those spoilers.
? I don't even know who that is.

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