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    Favourite Venom adaptation

    What is your favorite adaptation of Venom? Why?
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  3. Ice

    Pick of the Week Thread.

    Introducing a new thread where we list one book each week, the book that was the best of your pull, the "Pick of the Week." Because this will involve books of all different series, anything spoiler must be marked as such with the tag. Now, let's say you're behind and it took you some time to...
  4. ProjectX2

    A Game of Thrones, Marvel-Style

    This is the geekiest thing I have ever done. Feel free to share your own characters and ideas.
  5. Ice

    Avengers: X-Sanction. The return of Cable.

    LOEB AND MCGUINNESS ON "AVENGERS: X-SANCTION" Following the release of a mysterious image yesterday that would seem to suggest the Avengers are in somebody's sights in December, Marvel held its latest "Next Big Thing" press conference call to reveal more details of this project...