mighty avengers

  1. Victor Von Doom

    Avengers Mighty Avengers Series Discussion **SPOILERS**

    So #1 is out and it rocks! If I had to compare it to a movie---it's not "rocks" as in the same term that Ultimates, Fables, Justice rocks....more along the lines of Runaways or New Avengers rocks. I hope that made sense...........it probably didn't. :( Anyways....there are a...
  2. E

    Avengers Bendis talks New Avengers, Mighty Avengers w/ Wizard

    This is the first confirmation I've seen that Ares is joining the Avengers - I knew it was speculated, but I hadn't seen confirmation. http://www.wizarduniverse.com/magazine/wizard/002944424.cfm Also looking forward to seeing Echo expanded on - the first story was decent but kind of weak.
  3. TheManWithoutFear

    Avengers The Problem With The Sentry.

    The problem with The Sentry is he's overpowered and, like they said in the Ronin arc, he's gonna end some conflicts in a matter of less than a second. So I was thinking how is he gonna be on this team and still make things interesting? What if The Sentry doesn't get involved in fights...