1. moonmaster

    Miracleman (Marvel)

    From Newsarama's Cup 'o Joe live blog:
  2. E

    My do-it-yourself Miracleman TPBs

    I really like Miracleman. I want the TPBs. But they are very hard to find, and cost an arm and a leg if you can find them. So I made my own. I'm lucky to have access to a very nice color digital printer and a padding press, so I took the scans I downloaded of each Miracleman issue and put...
  3. Bass

    Miracleman series discussion (spoilers)

    Who has read this? It's outstanding. You can't buy the bloody thing. The issues (Alan Moore did #1-16) can't be found, and if you can, they're very expensive. The collected editions are even rarer and more expensive. You gotta download them. But they are so worth it. They are so...