1. ourchair

    Music Player Of Choice?

    So... yeah what's your music player of choice? I don't mean like an iPod or a ZEN, i mean what software do you use to listen to music and/or watch video files? Are you a Winamp person? iTunes? Any particular reason? Features? Sound quality? I'm beginning to notice that in the past few...
  2. ourchair

    Ourchair's Digital Mixtapes

    So, in the thread 'Music, Part 3: Our Noise' I asked the following: Cad and E expressed interest. So today, I've decided I'll be committed to doing this. Are there any particular genres anyone would like to explore? I'm serious. This doesn't mean I'll follow all the suggestions to the...
  3. Joe Kalicki

    What was your first CD?

    Re: 10 albums you'd want to have if stranded on an island... The first CD I ever owned was MC Hammer's Let's Get it Started.
  4. M

    The Beatles discussion thread

    Teh Beatles. Discuss.
  5. Steve GMan

    Favorite songs by people who aren't your favorite artists.

    Mine are: "Ballroom Blitz" -Sweet "Runaway" -Del Shannon "Last Kiss" -Pearl Jam "Here I Go Again" -Whitesnake "She Hates Me" -Puddle of Mudd "Dream Lover" -Bobby Darrin and finally, "Scotty Doesn't Know" -Lustra
  6. Nurhachi

    Top Eleven Music Artists/Bands

    I know we have a musicy thread, but i think it would be interesting to see everyones eleven favoutites. Doesnt have to be in order: (I was gonna do top ten but couldnt break it down any more, so it has to be eleven, no more, no less.) My favourites: Ill Nino Mudvayne Mushroomhead...