1. Ice

    The Legend of Korra (Spoilers)

    OBS: Storyboard Artists, Character Designers needed at Nickelodeon for new "Avatar the Last Airbender" Nickelodeon Animation Studio is looking for several artists for its newest show, tentatively titled, Untitled Avatar the Last Airbender Project!
  2. SSJmole

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures *spoilers*

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures Starts April 24 Nicktoons! new trailer Couldn't locate the thread for this to post trailer so I created one. And since it starts next month I added *spoilers* so this can be used...
  3. roguefan


    OK, this program may be for little children, but it is so friggin addictive. I was on Sims 2 at the time, and I heard the theme tune and had to get off to watch it - I don't know why. Robbie Rotten and Ziggy are obviously the best characters - just for RR's massive wedgie. Everyone needs to see...
  4. Ice

    Avatar: The Last Air Bender (Spoilers!)

    Anyone besides me checks out this show on Nickelodeon? For those who don't know what the hell this is, the show is about a boy, who is 112 years old (but looks like a 12 year old and has an arrow on his bald head), and is an Air Bender. An Air Bender is someone who can manipulate air and use it...