1. Ice

    Extraordinary X-Men (Lemire/Ramos)

    Lemire, Ramous launch "Extraordinary X-Men" post-"Secret Wars"
  2. Ice

    The Order of X (X-Men re-invisioned paintings)

    This is really amazing. Concept artist and illustrator, Nate Hallinan has re-invisioned the X-Men in medieval style.
  3. Ice

    Amazing X-Men (Spoilers)

    New ongoing coming November with the first arc to have Nightcrawler's return! The first arc is called "The Quest for Nightcrawler" and the series will have Firestar joining the ranks of the Jean Grey School staff/X-Men! Firestar and Iceman on the same team! I think I'm going into shock here...
  4. Ice

    X-Termination (March 2013)

    Now we know what happens (sort of) to AoA Nightcrawler after the current Uncanny X-Force ends: Reported by CBR: "Whether the "X-Termination" story will be a crossover, a return for Nightcrawler or something else entirely is anybody's guess at this point."