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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
Lemire, Ramous launch "Extraordinary X-Men" post-"Secret Wars"

Love the line up. Glad to see Old Man Logan in the main universe :D and Colossus with a steel beard is awesome!
Confirmed non-gay Iceman! Yay! That was the dumbest and most offensive thing I think Bendis has ever written. I still like the dude but yeesh
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Where was that confirmed? Lemire said he was going to continue what Bendis started.

In the link it said adult Iceman. I assumed since adult was confirmed still straight (don't remember my source for that, but it was a writer or editor who said it) and younger was gay that he wouldn't be gay. They should just recon that whole event really. As a bisexual man the implications were appalling.
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I forgot where I read it, but it was confirmed that there'll be more members added to this team and that it will make "old school X-Men fans happy".

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