original fiction

  1. Nurhachi

    Ultimate Central: The Fanfic - volume 6

    Theres no where you can run Theres no place you can hide Its here Its coming No escape..... Bass's 11 PART arc is here! Bass will be doing #40-50 Experience the madness.... Fear him Go forth Bass
  2. Nurhachi

    Ultimate Central: the Fanfic - Character status

    Many people are confused about current characters status, so here ya go: Ultimate E Current Status: Leader of the E-Men First Appearance: Ultimate Central: The Fanfic #0 Last Seen: Ultimate Central: The Fanfic #49 Created by: Nurhachi Powers: Nearly Omnipotent Compare him to: The Watcher...
  3. Fuzzy Birds

    Words, a short story by Fuzzy Birds

    I wrote this short story a while ago, after being told by a friend that my writing style was very well structured. I literally made the story up as I went along, but I don't think there are any huge inconsistencies in the continuity. So far, I've received quite a lot of praise for it, some of...