pasqual ferry

  1. ProjectX2

    Avengers Thor (Fraction/Ferry) series discussion

    We have known Matt Fraction has been taking over Thor for a while now but now we know the artist: Pasqual Ferry. Excellent. I like him much more than Patrick Zircher.
  2. the watcher

    Ultimate Iron Man II series discussion [Card/Ferry] [spoilers]

    Both Wizard Entertainment and gives us two different Previews of Ultimate Iron Man II #1. Check them out at: and at:
  3. Friday

    Seven Soldiers of Victory series discussion (spoilers)

    Seven Soldiers of Victory discussion Is anyone other than myself and Our Chair reading this? So far I've loved The Gaurdian and Zatanna, but I can't get Shining Knight for some reason. Morrison's done a good job so far of tying things together losely, without forcing it all together. News...