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Sep 15, 2004
We have known Matt Fraction has been taking over Thor for a while now but now we know the artist: Pasqual Ferry.


Excellent. I like him much more than Patrick Zircher.
Aweosome, Ferry rocks my socks

seems like an odd fit for him, but he'll rock this book

guess that eliminates my hopes of him doing a stint on GotG/Nova
I think it's a great fit actually. I know most of it is coloring (and I'm not sure if he does his own coloring but I doubt it), but his "glowing" effects always look great. I noticed them a lot in his work on the 7 soldiers Mister Miracle mini. I imagine we'll get a lot of that in Thor. Cool.
There's like 8 Thor titles coming out in a few months but this is the only one I actually want to read.
I like what Kieron Gillen is doing with the book at the moment.

Agreed. I wish Bendis hadn't tried to redeem Loki when he killed him off (Really I wish he hadn't killed him off at all!) because KG's writing of him was great.

Honestly, with a Thor movie coming around the pike and the increased exposure that brings, I'd love to see Kieron Gillen take over a second Thor ongoing.
I've been kind of disappointed with the first 2 issues. The art is great but I don't really care about what's going on.

Everything about this book is great. The art and coloring are gorgeous. Fraction writes the characters pitch perfect and he's clearly setting up a lot of things to play out down the road. As for the villains, I have no problem with them being mysterious for the moment. They haven't stepped into the front of the story yet. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because they're clearly being given a slow build.

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