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  1. thee great one

    Batman R.I.P. Discussion (Spoilers!)

    Batman R.I.P. has started. It was not a bad beginning, the last few pages with The Joker made the entire issue. The Black Glove invited him to there party. Scary.
  2. E

    What's going on with Batman & Detective Comics creative teams?

    Are Morrison/Kubert and Dini/Williams/whoever BOTh takings breaks from their books? How long? Has there been a reason? What's the story?
  3. ProjectX2

    JH Williams III To Draw Paul Dini's Detective Comics From Newsarama: Back in January, when DC Executive Editor Dan Didio confirmed that Paul Dini would be the new writer on Detective Comics following James Robinson’s eight part Batman-Detective spanning arc, Rags Morales was...
  4. thee great one

    Batman/Detective Comics Series Discussion *Spoilers*

    I noticed we dont have one of these. I'll start off with what I thought of each arc I've read HUSH (608-619) I find this to be entertaining. I really liked Lee's drawing. I loved his Huntress. The Riddler behind it all at the end was great. The Jason Todd thing was easily the best thing in...