rick remender

  1. Dirty Cash

    Black Science by Rick Remender discussion (spoilers)

    Anyone reading 'Black Science'? 3rd issue today was great. Doctor Who-ish dimension travelling meets Lost in Space. Would love to hear someone's take on this new series. Happy Wednesday
  2. E

    Avengers Uncanny Avengers by Rick Remender (spoilers!)

    Best ending to a comic since...I don't even know when. Totally out of left field and an awesome idea. It's fair to say that I was legitimately shocked when I saw it. Other than that it was full of great character moments and interactions. It's like Remender took his Uncanny X-Force and...
  3. E

    Rob Liefeld Calls at Least 25 Creators Marvel D-List

    This is pretty much the greatest story ever. And he thinks Jeph Loeb is something other than D-list?
  4. Ice

    Uncanny X-Force (Remender/Opena)

    CBR: "X-Force" will end after Second Coming, to be relaunched in October with Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña. "When Wolverine is put in charge of X-Force, it's a totally different team than Cyclops would put together," Schaefer said. "They're going to be taking on Apocalypse." Interview with...