Black Science by Rick Remender discussion (spoilers)

Dirty Cash

Mar 27, 2013
Anyone reading 'Black Science'?

3rd issue today was great. Doctor Who-ish dimension travelling meets Lost in Space.

Would love to hear someone's take on this new series.

Happy Wednesday
Re: Happy Wednesday

Yes. I'm really enjoying it.

The tone seemed to change a little after the first issue but it's still really good. The non-linear storytelling is really good and keeps things interesting.

Plus I just loved the line in the first issue: "And unless I'm back in ten minutes...our children will be dead...dead like entire team...dead because of me...because I never listen. Because no matter how much you begged me not to...I delved into BLACK SCIENCE."

(Also I'm changing the name of this thread)
From my heart and from my hand, why can't people understand my intentions. Whoa-o-o-a-o. Black Science.
They haven't got to the part where he becomes president yet.

Then they haven't even gotten to the part where he adds "Carver" to the end of his name because of his reputation for hunting werewolves with chainsaws. :( That's disappointing.

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