secret invasion

  1. Ice

    Final Crisis vs Secret Invasion: Which mini was better? knew this was coming. I've been planning to make this thread since last year....then FC had to go and have more and more delays. But which mini series was the better? Or which one do you think is the "lesser evil?" Who put out the better event mini - DC or Marvel? You tell us!
  2. Ice

    Message to all: EMBRACE CHANGE

    As reported by Comic Book Resources: It's the comic book event that has everyone from Entertainment Weekly to The Wall Street Journal buzzing and now the years top-selling comic, "Secret Invasion", makes its television debut on ESPN2 tonight! During tonight's telecast of the Bricktown...
  3. E

    Secret Invasion: Fantastic 4 [spoilers]

    Anyone read this? Nothing Earth-shatteringly awesome, but not a bad read. We find out that the fake Susan was none other than Lyja the Laserfist - Johnny's former wife. I was wondering if she was going to make an appearance. I was big into F4 when Johnny burned down ESU back in the early 90s...
  4. Gemini

    Secret Invasion discussion [Spoilers]

    well might as well get this out of the way 8-issue long mini series by Brian Michael Bendis, and Leinel Francis Yu, will be the summer event of 2008, the premise is that after the destruction of the Skrull empire was destroyed yadayadayada you guys know it i found this on Brevoort's...