silver surfer

  1. Ice

    Silver Surfer (Slott/Allred) SPOILERS

    March 2014. "Silver Surfer's going to meet a kindred spirit in a woman from Earth. You're going to find out that the universe is more fun when you see it with someone." Sounds very Doctor-Who like.
  2. Ice

    All-New Invaders (James Robinson/Steve Pugh) January 2014

    ROBINSON, PUGH INTRODUCE "ALL-NEW INVADERS" TO MARVEL NOW! Writer James Robinson and artist Steve Pugh will team up for "All-New Invaders," a series launching in January as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! initiative that will also cast a spotlight on such characters as the Inhumans, Black...
  3. Gemini

    THANOS is back, Imperatively

    While the earth is revelling in it's new found Heroic Age, the cosmos will tremble in fear as a dark thread returns, Thanos the Mad Titain is returning this May in "The Thanos Imperitave: Ignition" By Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning It is so nice to see Aleksi Briclot doing covers again...
  4. Ice

    Silver Surfer Movie News.

    Comic Book Resources reports: SILVER SURFER "In a CBR-covered panel this past weekend, writer J. Michael Straczynski revealed that he is writing a screenplay for a movie featuring Norrin Radd." So now we have a writer. With JMS helming the writing duties, I hope everything will...
  5. Planet-man

    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer discussion (spoilers!)

    7 hours unitl I see this... psyched. Anybody see it yet?