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  1. Jozaca

    Sonic the Hedgehog Non-Canon Universes - Timelines

    This Thread is here to make space for the other Sonic the Hedgehog Thread, don't comment anything, if you have any questions ask in the other thread. The thread is totally incomplete, so, in fact, I would prefer if you pay no attention to it until I finish the Canon Thread and start working on...
  2. Jozaca

    Sonic the Hedgehog Canon Universe - Timeline

    Classic Sonic = 54ACD2 Modern Sonic = 2C82C9 Short (?:??-?:??) Short Series ?x??, "Episode Title" (?:??-?:??) Series ?x??, "Episode Title" (??:??-??:??) Movie Chapter ?? (?:??:??-?:??:??) Comic #??: ??th Story ?, "Story Title" (Pg. ?? (Panels ?-?) - Pg. ?? (Panels ?-?)) Manga Chapter ...
  3. SSJmole

    Sonic 4 (Could this save the franchise?)

    Full interview : New game preview featuring a teaser video :shock::D I just got goosebumps from the "Sega" voice at the start. This is is it! this could be...
  4. SSJmole

    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

    Like mario kart? This could be awesome!
  5. SSJmole

    Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games!

    Debut Teaser This time..... Winter Olympics I loved the first one and this looks cool.