Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games!

I dunno, i personally think they should have Sonic and Mario doing something else.
Honestly I'd prefer to see Sonic & Mario doing a platform game together. Imagine Mario Galaxy meets Sonic Adventure 1+2. It could be something truly great.

Still this game looks fun.
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games may have gotten a lukewarm critical reception (its average review score is 6.2) but it has been an incredible success with consumers. The mash-up of SEGA and Nintendo properties has sold upwards of 10 million copies worldwide on Wii and DS, and continues to sell well some 16 months after release. Work on the obvious follow up, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, began immediately after the first was completed in November 2007. Fans can expect a similar but more robust experience when it ships later this year. It's still a very casual sports game, but it is already showing polish and the Wii balance board has been implemented well.

More here in IGN's preview
I got this today. If you had fun with the first one you'll love this one. So far it seems like a better game. Customisation for Mii characters, A better structured main mode last one was basically an arcade like "he's a group of events, do them" this one has training , days lay out instead of just groups so it feels more Olympic-like. Also rival interruptions, E.g King Boo interrupted me to challenge me to a one on one match.

Customisation seems pretty cool as you can buy Mii costumes and accessories to dress your Mii. Then there is equipment customizing where you take ski's , snowboard and bob-sleigh and customise the paint design ect.. using stickers , patterns ect... I don't know yet if you can customise and save multiple Mii's and equipment but I will when I get more money in game
Following up, No you can only customise 1 of each but Multiple Mii's. That kinda sucks but still game is fun.

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