1. Ice

    The All About Sports Thread: Even Sportier.

    So game 2 of the World Series tonight. 8pm. FOX.
  2. Ice

    Is Instant Replay good for Baseball or not?

    Do you agree that Instant Replay is a good thing for baseball or not? Currently it's set up for just HR's, but I'm sure in due time it will be expanded to any controversial call. My brother has been talking that he hates it. He finds it stupid and time wasting. I myself think it's a...
  3. SSJmole

    Beijing Olympic Games 2008

    I know this could be part of the sports thread but I think the olympic games justifies it's own thread. Anyone looking forward to this? I can't wait I love the olympic games every time and this one should be cool. This is the BBC advert for it...
  4. DIrishB

    The Boston Celtics win the NBA Finals!!! 17th Championship!!!

    Whoo-Hoo!! Celtics just won the NBA Finals, beating the Los Angeles Lakers 131-92. Huge point difference. The Celtics basically did to the Lakers what Ourchair does to innocents. And the Lakers must feel just as shamed. 39 point deficit loss. Thats got to hurt. Anyway, first time...
  5. Ultimate MJ

    UFC Bitter Rivals

    Anyone see the Shamrock-Ortiz fight? Thoughts on the early stoppage, speculation for the next rematch can go here... Personally, I would have liked to see the fight go on longer. But thats only because I dislike Shamrock, and I think Tito was prepared to deal some serious damage.
  6. E.Vi.L.

    2006 World Cup

    Woohoo. I barely watch any soccer for 3 years and 11 months but every time the World cup comes around, I become a fan again. As a Kid, in 1990, I was in Europe with my parents. I caught the fever. This is the greatest sport tournament in the world. Nothing can compare! Germany won in...