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  1. Ice

    Lee, Marvel Sued for $750 Million by Stan Lee Media, Inc.

    From Newsarama: Lee, Marvel Sued for $750 Million by Stan Lee Media, Inc. Stan Lee’s multimedia plans from the ‘90s have come back to haunt him once again, as shareholders of Stan Lee Media, Inc. on Monday filed suit against Lee, his wife, Marvel Comics, Marvel Chairman Issac Perlmutter...
  2. E

    ZOMG! Stan Lee / Hillary Clinton political scandal!

    From LitG - I thought this was pretty interesting: The mutant candidate?!?! What a ****ing dork!
  3. Shihad

    The Marvel Omnibus thread

    Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Wow this would be wicked as.............. this one explains what it probally will collect.
  4. Ice

    Spider-Man Stan Lee to write intro in MK: Spider-Man HC.

    Millar posted himself that Stan Lee is going to write the Introduction in the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Hardcover (Collects issues #1-12, Millar's run). Millar, in a joking manner though serious, is going to have his brother, Bobby- to whom the series was dedicated to, to write the afterword.
  5. ultimatedjf

    Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man general series discussion (spoilers)

    I've changed my mind on this arc, I'm starting to really like it!! Here's the link: I'm pretty sure we can't post spoilers in this thread. :D