ZOMG! Stan Lee / Hillary Clinton political scandal!


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From LitG - I thought this was pretty interesting:

Stan Lee hosted a fundraising event back in 2000, the "The Hollywood Gala Salute To William Jefferson Clinton And Hillary Rodham Clinton" arranged by Peter Paul, the man behind Stan Lee Media, the internet venture that eventually collapsed into bankruptcy and Paul was jailed after pleading guilty to stock manipulation.

Hillary Clinton's campaign team recently resubmitted their report to the FEC, stating that Stan Lee contributed $225,000 in 2000 to her Senate campaign.

However in a deposition back in 2005, (handily just uploaded to YouTube here and here), Lee states that he did not make such a financial contribution to her campaign. He does, under oath, describe himself as the co-creator of Spider-Man and Hulk.

Lee states that he wrote a $100,000 cheque after being given a $100,000 cheque made payable to himself by Peter Paul, but states he never had $100,000 to donate to anybody.

It looks like this was a proxy donation to Clinton's Senate campaign, by Peter Paul for unknown reasons. Paul not only served time for insider trading regarding Stan Lee Media, after being extradited from Brazil, but has a history of drug dealing and international fraud convictions from the 1970s. After his past was revealed, Clinton distanced herself from Paul.

This matter is being revived just as Clinton's campaign for Presidential candidacy has received a boost... but my favourite clip is from a forthcoming rightwing attack video, with Hillary talking to Peter Paul about the fundraising event, with Stan Lee jumping in.

STAN: I thought myself it was because we're offering everyone a free comic book but I guess I was wrong.

HILLARY: Oh I think that's a big draw myself, it's the reason I'm coming


HILLARY: Stan, what we haven't told you, is that you're going to be the next Secretary of Defence.

STAN: Well, I expected that.

HILLARY: Because superheroes will be a lot cheaper than the missile defence system.

STAN: Hillary, you're wonderful.

and finally:

STAN: You've got the mutant vote right around the world.

HILLARY: Some people think I'm the mutant candidate, so I should have.

I can hear the CafePress engines whirring right now.

The mutant candidate?!?! What a ****ing dork!


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I saw it. I find it hilarious.

Aren't they supposed to do some background check on things that size in amount?


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That conversation is reflective of exactly why the Presidential elections are stupid.

Instead of focusing on a popularity contest - like whether Clinton appeals to the mutant constituency - and instead of treating the whole thing like a horse race, we should be asking about ISSUES.

I think foreign policy should be the focus.

For instance, what developmental aid programs, if any at all, will she have in mind for Latveria?

Will America send troops to Wakanda? Will it be able to stabilize the political situation there in a manner that maintains the supply of vibranium?

Or will America have to admit an inconvenient truth and start turning towards the development of alternative sources of sound absorption?

Will climate change significantly affect and/or endanger life on The Savage Land, thereby contributing to a reduced biodiversity there?

Issues, people.
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Hilary's middle name is Rodham?

I can't get past that, there is nothing that post could have said that would be funnier


that's not even a word, is it like rotisseried pork or something?


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It's her maiden name. She is too modern to just shut the **** up and take her husband's name.

Husband? OH, the politically charged last name of Clinton. She only rolls Bill out when she needs some sort of legitimacy.

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This would of been better if it was a sex scandal.

Could you imagine Clinton and Lee having sex?
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