stephen king

  1. Ice

    Under the Dome Discussion

    Anyone else picking this up? I'm already getting my copy from Amazon, which will be here tomorrow. Can't wait!
  2. Dr.Strangefate

    American Vampire

    My good friend Scott Snyder and the ****ing Master of Horror Himself are collaborating on a brand new series for Vertigo! AMERICAN VAMPIRE I've read some of the scripts, and let me tell you, this is going to be a fun, exciting new series... And the art by Rafael Albuquerque is stunning... He's...
  3. TwilightEL

    Stephen King discussion

    I almost always like his short stories. Everything's Eventual has some of my favorite stories and they're great with suspense and psychology. I typically don't like his novels. Pet Sematary was terrible. I didn't find it scary--the creatures are as slow and smelly as zombies, but as vulnerable...
  4. the watcher

    Stephen King's The Mist

    Stephen King's The Mist Release Date: November 21, 2007 Studio: MGM Director: Frank Darabont Screenwriter: Frank Darabont Starring: Andre Braugher, Frances Sternhagen, Jeffrey DeMunn, Laurie Holden, Marcia Gay Harden, Thomas Jane, Toby Jones, William Sadler Genre: Horror MPAA Rating...
  5. Ice

    Stephen King's "Nightmare & Dreamscapes". (Spoilers)

    Ok, so last night it was the debut of the 4-week mini series of the "Nightmare & Dreamscapes" based on Stephen Kings stories. Each week will have 2 stories that will run 1 hour long (with commercial time included, sans the first episode). The first episode was the only story that would have no...