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Jul 24, 2004
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Ok, so last night it was the debut of the 4-week mini series of the "Nightmare & Dreamscapes" based on Stephen Kings stories. Each week will have 2 stories that will run 1 hour long (with commercial time included, sans the first episode). The first episode was the only story that would have no commercial time in it.

The first episode was about a man who went to a toy company HQ in Dallas, Texas and killed the owner. It seemed he was a contract killer by being revealed later reading an e-mail about another job and the "usual fee". It should be noted that this story had no dialogue. The only time you heard the main actor was when he screamed. Anyways, after the man got home he soon later recieved a package. In the package was a container filled with army men soldiers with bazookas, helicopters and more and a sticker saying bonus surprise. Can you already see where this is going? He left the package on the counter and walked away.

About 2 seconds later, the container fell on the floor. When he walked back, the soldiers and everything else was gone. After examining the area, shot started coming from under his couch and a rocket flew and hit him on the knee. After getting cover and getting his gun he began to fight back. Then he found out he was figthing the toys. After a long battle with the toys and the guy destroying the house with cannons blowing huge holes in the bathroom door and what not, the man tried to escape by leaving throuh his bathroom window. He lived on the 40th floor of an apartment building, so he sure as hell wasn't going to escape so easily. A helicopter followed him but he managed to destroy it with his last bullet.

After he got back inside, he defeated the last remaining men with a bug spray can and a lighter he got from the bathroom. He rounded them up and killed them. A while later he went swimming in his mini pool that he had in his apartment and to his surprise, he was under attack again. He tried to leave via the elevator, but was caught. It was some jungle type assasin man. The toy blew out the elevator's button and the lights. After some cuts and attempted stomps, the man got out of the stuck elevator from the opened hole at the top that the toy man made (yes, it's true).

He jumped into the other elevator that passed by and went in, but the toy had followed him. He killed the toy when the elevator door opened and closed on the toy's head and arm. But then he heard something ticking, and it was that the toy had a bomb on his back. The man just laid on the ground with putting the bomb on his chest, and BOOM! This story ended with the container showing the "Bonus surprise!" sticker coming off and another sticker describing the toy that he fought.

Be right back with the second story.
Planet-man said:
Dang, I totally forgot to watch this.

When's the next ep on?
Next Wednesday (and every Wednesday until it finishes) at 9p.m. on channel TNT.

Oh yeah, and the second story. Soon.
Why do the toys fight him? I'm confused.

I liked Small Soldiers, though.
ProjectX2 said:
Why do the toys fight him? I'm confused.

I liked Small Soldiers, though.
This, to me, put Small Soldiers to shame.

The toys fought him because they were from the same company whom the guy killed. It wasn't said who sent the toys, but it was an act of revenge.
Ice said:
It was never explained. They just did.

Goddamn Stephen King.

"And in my next story, the couple get attacked by... *picks up lamp post* a lamp monster! Rah!"
ProjectX2 said:
Goddamn Stephen King.

"And in my next story, the couple get attacked by... *picks up lamp post* a lamp monster! Rah!"
Funny you say that. There's a couple in the next story! And monsters! :lol:
The second story-

There's a newly wed couple who are in London for their honeymoon. The husband is a lawyer and he has some friend who lives somewhere in town. He gets a letter from his wife when they are at Lunch (or breakfast, I forget) to meet him the friend for dinner. He calls him at tells him to take a cab to "Croutchers End". When the husband goes to ask where it's at, the first cab man tells him not to go there. It's not a place for strangers.

*I then proceed to come to post something on UC*

I get back and see that someone took them to the place and the cab man tries to explain to the wife why the place is dangerous. He tells her that the world is like a leather ball; there are rips in the leather and sometimes things from other worlds come through the rips. Soon after, the husband and wife look around and when they turn back to the cab, it's completely gone. No trace anywhere.

So they walk and see two kids playing around, a boy and a girl. Suddenly, the camera focuses on the boy's hand and some of his fingers are really fat and dirt brown stone. They make fun of the guy because he's American (oh yeah, the couple are American, hehe) and the guy scares them off. After walking around for a while, the wife convinces the guy to go into the police station and ask for direction. The husband goes in and looks around, but it appears as if no one has been there in more than a decade. A cup is shown with the police symbol. Suddenly he sees a cat who's left pupil looks like its stuck looking up (only the left eye) and you can see cardilege (sp?) all around his left eye. He walks out and lies to his wife about where to go.

After more walking around, they walk near a bush and hear some moaning and screaming. The husband wants to see what it is and see if he can help. The wife is dead set against it, but the husband goes anyways. The husband screams and the wife starts seeing images of wolf-like people, the kids and the cat. Whatever was in the bushes, the husband fights it and comes out as if someone tried to burn him, and his back had a real big burned spot. They then proceed to run for their lives.

At this point, something is wrong with the husband. He had thrown his jacket but then says he lost it and couldn't believe he lost his favorite jacket. The wife tries to tell him he threw it and he disagrees. But as he disagrees he moans and then goes he couldn't belive he threw his jacket away. The husband still wants to go to the dinner but the wife wants to go back to the hotel. As they start walking back, they see a tunnel and a figure is at the other end. Suddenly, the tunnel goes completely back and all the people the wife had seen fly into the tunnel as there's some type of vortex of wind there. Afterwards, they walk back.

As they kept walking, the wife saw a cab quickly pass by somewhere and they go see, but nothing. At some point, one of them had gone that what if they weren't lost, but trapped. More walking around and the husband keeps getting crazier and crazier. Soon, some green tentacles pop out from under the street and it grabs the husband. One other tentacle then opens up with a mouth and eats the husband. It opened its mouth and then the husbands face appeared as if it was trying to get out. The wife runs into alleys and bumps into the kids who try to keep her in the area.

The wife sees that she's almost back into the town and the kids are still dragging her. She kicks and frees herself, but her high-heels are left behind, soon to be dragged by some blood. The wife goes to talk to some couple, tells them something took her husband from where she was. The couple walk away not wanting to be near the woman again. Soon she's at the police station from the town and explains what happens. The cop gives her coffee that had the same symbol from the cup at the other station. Quickly a cat jumps on her and then to a table, and the cup of coffee falls and breaks. The cop calls the cat's name, and the wife jumped up in confusion. She asks what he called the cat and he tells her. The cat's name was the same as her husband. She takes one good look at the cat and it was the same one from Crouther's End with the stuck pupil and the cardilege (sp?) showing....

Did anyone watch it last night?

The first story guest stared William H. Macy and he did a really good job. It started out as a 1938's story, where Macy was a Private Eye. Then he got a visit from the building owner who (this is where the twist comes in) looked just like him, except his look was more recent, as in from now. It turned out Macy as the Detective, his world was all fake. A novel in the works being written by the writer, the real Macy. He had come into his story to take his characters place to make a switch. It was shown that in the real world, his son had drowned in a pool and all he could do was write. His wife sarcastically told him to just go live in his stories. So he did.

After he made the switch, the wife tried to have sex with the detective, but didn't get that far. Soon she started to think about what she was being told, why the switch happened (didn't take her long to accept the truth, odd), she went to a very tall building and threw herself off, as she died on a car. Her real husband felt what was going on, and asked himself, "What have I done?". This one played better watching it.

The second story had more to do with two brothers. It was being told by the older one on camera. He was telling everything that happened to their lives up to the point where he started to record himself. His little brother was a genius. By 2 he was doing 1,000+ pieces jigsaw puzzles on his own. By 3 he was doing essays. Throughout his life he did a lot of experiments and what not. As the story went on, the older brother revealed that he had killed his brother with his last discovery 4 hours before he started to record himself. Back to the past where the younger brother came to see the older one after a few years of not seeing each other. The brother showed him what he was currently doing. He took out a glass box with wasps and another one with bees. And then a concentrate of something (forgot what he called it). The younger brother put his hands in the wasps and nothing happened as his brother told him not to as he freaked out. Then he took out the bee hive and threw it at his older brother as he freaked out again, but nothing happened.

He told him it was that the concentrate he and some other guys created that would cure hate, anger, and rage. So that would mean no more wars, bar fights, hate crimes, etc. They would use it by putting it in water resereves and places like that. After convincing his brother to do it (this taking MILLIONS of dollars to create a mass production for the whole world) it was all under way. The older brother was hesitant at first since the younger had done things like this before and bad things had happened. This time it was MUCH MUCH worse. The cure had indeed worked...but it wouldn't stop curing people. Everyone started to come it older timers disease and going crazy. The whole world was doomed forever now. The two brothers werent affected since they dranked bottled water from before the mess happened or something like that. The younger couldn't take what he had done to the world, so he had his brother inject him with his creation that soon killed him. Then, after the brother finished telling their story on camera, it was shown he had taken it, too, as he died.

I liked the first one better, though the second one was good as well.

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