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  1. E

    All New X-Men by Bendis/Immonen (spoilers)

    #1 is out today. And it's 3.99 for 24 pages. Beast discovers he's dying and he, Iceman, Storm, & Kitty decide that Cyclops is going too far in protecting mutants or something, I guess. It's OK for Emma or Magneto to do it but not him. I didn't get that. Also I had no idea that Scott escaped...
  2. E

    Avengers New Avengers by Bendis & Immonen [spoilers]

    Just read the first issue - the art is so much better than the Bendis/JRJR Avengers book. I think I like the team better too (even though I don't think they've fully formed). Long story short, Cap asks Luke if he wants to continue the Avengers and Luke is Apprehensive because he doesn't trust...
  3. Ice

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem (Spoilers)

    Two-issue story coming in May In the current “Ultimatum” mini-series, the citizens of Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe are experiencing perhaps the worst tragedies they've ever endured, as Magneto uses his powers to effect cataclysmic climatic change in the weather across the globe. The thing...
  4. Ice

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimatum (#129-133) (Spoilers/Discussion)

    New arc starts at the end of the month (#129 on sale 12/24), but here's the solicitation for part 4 of the Ultimatum tie-in: Ultimate Spider-Man #132 ULTIMATUM HAS TAKEN OVER THE WORLD!! SPIDER-MAN IS MISSING!! Friends are enemies and enemies are friends as tensions mount to insane...
  5. D

    Ultimate Spider-man: War of the Symbiotes (#123-128) (Spoilers)

    Marvel posted a summary on the symbiote characters and has preview with no dialog of the upcoming arc.
  6. the watcher

    Ultimate Spider-Man: And his Amazing Friends (#118-120) (Spoilers) gives us the first look at Ultimate Spider-Man #118: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends... If Kong was ever going to bring up the Peter Parker is Spider-Man debate again, it would because of these first few pages. (sorry no thought or word balloons.)...
  7. Victor Von Doom

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Death of a Goblin (#112-117) (Spoilers)

    Anyways.....#112 was good. Pretty good. Not really good. But better than average good. But then again most first issues to a new arc are like that. Synopsis So we open with a car chase. The Shocker has a partner or wheelman if you will. For a brief moment it looks as if they're...
  8. E

    I've changed my mind about Stuart Immonen... I think he's great and I really like his style. At first I thought it was just because I really like Nextwave, but I realized that I like his Ultimate X-Men stuff now too. Except for when he made Wolverine look like Michael Jackson, but I can excuse that.
  9. Ice

    Nextwave series discussion (Spoilers!)

    Ho-ho-hoooolly ****!!! F-IN' AWESOME ISSUE! It was all great. Hilarious. Nextwave is the ****! Art is better than before. Still some things I didn't like about it here and there. This issue has some of the best lines!!! And the letters page! OMG! :lol: :lol: This series will...