Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem (Spoilers)


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Jul 24, 2004
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Two-issue story coming in May

In the current "Ultimatum" mini-series, the citizens of Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe are experiencing perhaps the worst tragedies they've ever endured, as Magneto uses his powers to effect cataclysmic climatic change in the weather across the globe. The thing about tragedies is, they often inspire feats of great heroism. One man will be so inspired by Spider-Man's heroism during "Ultimatum," that he'll embark upon a quest to get to know the young hero better and tell his story to the world. That man's name is -- J. Jonah Jameson? And his quest will be chronicled by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists Mark Bagley and Stuart Immonen in the two issue event, "Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem." CBR News spoke with Bendis about the books, volume one of which arrives in May.

In addition to "Ultimate Spider-Man Requiem" books one and two, the effects of "Ultimatum" will be further explored in "Ultimate Fantastic Four: Requiem" and "Ultimate: X-Men: Requiem" "Jeph Loeb destroyed the Ultimate Universe and I wanted a little goodbye to all my hard work," Bendis jokingly told CBR News. "The last issue of 'Ultimate Spider-Man' is #133. It's very sad. And what the 'Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem' books are about is, J. Jonah Jameson is witness to something Spider-Man does in the pages of 'Ultimate Spider-Man' that is so shocking, it completely turns him around about what he thinks and what he does with his life."

Cover to issue 1:

Cover to issue 2:
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What I find astonishing is that they created the ultimate line to do something that the regular continuity wasn't doing. Then, because it was successful, they had the regular continuity ape it to the point the ultimate line became totally indistinct. Then, rather than create new stories or a new marvel universe with the grounding of the ultimate line, they continued to rehash ideas until they, seemingly, are cancelling the whole thing.

I always thought it would've done a lot to alter the UU and 616 if Mahr-Vehl got his own, regular series.

In any case, they probably will relaunch the ultimate universe since I'm sure there's still Ultimates 4 and stuff like that to come. So this might just mean a changing of the guard as opposed to cancellation.
What is going on with the Ultimate Universe? Anything and everything is being published.
I am entirely convinced these will be exactly like Secret Invasion Requiem, and be 8 pages of new material as a framing device, then they'll staple two reprints in and charge us 4 bucks for it
Originally Posted by Michael Brian Bendis :

"Jeph Loeb destroyed the Ultimate Universe and I wanted a little goodbye to all my hard work,"

You're so right man... so right... in every aspect of the word, in so many levels, you're so right...
I dislike Jeph Loeb's writing. It lacks the sophistication or maturity that Warren Ellis and Millar have consistently. Grant Morrison I cannot speak about because I haven;t read anything of his. This universe needs new writers of the Millar/Ellis talent for sure. I have to ask the question: Are we being too picky?
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