1. E

    Thanos Rising (spoilers)

    So this was not at all what I was expecting. I didn't read any solits for this and I guess I just automatically assumed it was about Thanos coming back into power for whatever cosmic event is going on coming up soon. I had no idea they were going to explore his childhood. In that regard it was...
  2. Gemini

    THANOS is back, Imperatively

    While the earth is revelling in it's new found Heroic Age, the cosmos will tremble in fear as a dark thread returns, Thanos the Mad Titain is returning this May in "The Thanos Imperitave: Ignition" By Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning It is so nice to see Aleksi Briclot doing covers again...
  3. Grocer Man

    Would Thanos Hit That?

    Would! (would!) thanos! (thanos!) hit that! (hit that!)
  4. E

    The Infinity Trilogy

    I just read the first volume of Infinity Crusade and was wondering who else has read Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, and/or Infinity Crusade. I quit comics in the middle of Crusade and never finished. The series are pretty bad and are full of very lame fight scenes, especially Infinity War...
  5. the watcher

    Ulimate Fantastic Four: Thanos/Cosmic Cube (#50-53)

    See a preview of this at: Also see preview of IRON MAN #25, MARVEL ADVENTURES IRON MAN #9, THE ORDER #7, THE PUNISHER #54, SHE-HULK #25, Mavel Zomibes II #4, ULTIMATE IRON MAN II #2, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS #8, YOUNG AVENGERS...