1. SSJmole

    The offical Marvel graphic novel collection (uk only i think)

    plus : more info and to buy Looks great I'm tempted to get this at £10 a book and i think 2 a month = great
  2. Mattimeo84

    Ultimate TPB Thread (Take Two)

    Squadron Supreme Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe Supreme Power – Nighthawk Doctor Spectrum – Full Spectrum Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra Vol. 1 Ultimate Elektra - Devil's Due Supreme Power Vol. 1 – Contact Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 1 - The Fantastic Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 2 - Doom...
  3. Ultimates

    Hardcovers vs. Softcovers?

    I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem as well. I find myself lately only wanting hardcovers. In fact, I have been thinking of selling my entire Y: The Last man and Walking Dead collection to upgrade to hardcovers. Does this matter to other people, or am I just crazy?
  4. Jaggyd

    Young Avengers trades

    Does anyone have the Young Avengers hardcover and/or TPB #1? I'm wondering if they have concept art of the characters (specifically Stature) in one of those two, because Speed is featured in TPB #2. Not going to bother picking it up for the extras when I have the comics if the extras are a waste...
  5. Shihad

    The Marvel Omnibus thread

    Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Wow this would be wicked as.............. this one explains what it probally will collect.
  6. ProjectX2

    The new TPB/HC thread

    We had one of these a long time ago, it's gone now, and I'm sure we've all bought more stuff, so... This thread is for posting which Trades and Hardcovers you have. I'll post mine later.
  7. Ice

    Avengers Sentry series discussion [Jenkins/Lee] [spoilers]

    I finished this TPB today, and OMG, it was totally worth reading!! Man, thanks E for the reccomandation! Now [I] recommend it to everyone!! One question, E. I'll put it in invisotext. SO people, you have been warned! If at the end of the TPB, he forgot himself again, when did he kill...