1. SSJmole

    Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash!

    More on this here http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?t=125666 looked for a thread for this but didn't find one. You can bet your *** , I'll be buying this. Freddy vs Jason Vs Ash like a dream match that I have to read. If it is a big "cheap cash in" or whatever people may think for...
  2. Victor Von Doom

    Welcome To Tranquility Discussion **spoilers and whatnot**

    Ok....so technically this could continue in the Worldstorm thread....but I figured that there are enough people reading this that it warrants it's own thread now that we're on the second arc. First off.......Gail Simone is flatout awesome. For like serious. If you've never read any of...
  3. Zombipanda

    Worldstorm Discussion (Spoilers)

    So, I was going to start a discussion thread for Wetworks, and then I realized there probably wouldn't be enough discussion to warrant a full thread, so I figured I'd open this up to talk about all of the series in the Wildstorm Universe as they start to pop up. So, Wetworks came out this...
  4. E

    Wildstorm universe?

    I've heard and read the term "Wildstorm Universe" but is it a universe in the same vein of Marvel or DC? Could any given Wildstorm character/team/title meet with any other given character/team/title? Are things cross-referenced (i.e. Mitchell Hundred as mayor of NYC)? Or does it work differently?
  5. compound

    Ex Machina series discussion (spoilers)

    Because I couldn't find any relevant thread. Admin: please merge if redundant. I was honestly a little surprised to find that nobody had bothered to start an official timeline for this non-linear series on Vaughn's personal message board. I'm considering putting a chronology together, for...