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Ok....so technically this could continue in the Worldstorm thread....but I figured that there are enough people reading this that it warrants it's own thread now that we're on the second arc.

First off.......Gail Simone is flatout awesome. For like serious. If you've never read any of her work----get on it. Now! To say that she's one of the best female writers out there now is an insult. She's one of the best writers out there period!

Anyways....onto the book.....

I love this book. It's so fresh. That's the best word I can think to describe it. I mean it both a literal and b-boy term. It's a fresh break from the classic superheroes-in-tights saving the world formula.....and it's just funky fresh dope. Wha-what?!?!?!

The second arc picks up right where we left off at the end of the first. Bunny is trying to get used to the fact that her husband is gone and she's all alone now. Emo's still in jail. Zombie Zeke is fixin' to bury The Colonel and Dog just wants to make sure that Colonel is buried properly and not with all the villians.

And now onto the progression part of our tale....

Emo is in jail and still trying to hit on Sheriff Tommy. At one point during Emo's apology the 2 seem to almost bond....but Emo slips up and is warned not take the Tommy's sympathy for weakness. She leaves Emo in his cell and he's confronted by a mysterious man in the shadows. The man offers Emo his freedom if he'll just remove his mask. Emo does and it's one the most ****ed up faces I've seen since Ennis' Arseface.

We next see Tommy at the movies catching an old flick. She is then visited mid-movie by the reporter Collette Pearson. Pearson wants Tommy to let the Mayor free. Of course Tommy refuses....but Collette tells her that she's got the PR to make it happen anyways.

Meanwhile Deputy Presley is questioning some mysterious loiterers. The group doesn't want any trouble.....and in the next panel we see that the group is GEN 13!!!!! :rockon: W00t for Simone Crossovers!

Meanwhile back with Tommy---she gets a call over the radio that the jail is under attack and that someone broke Emo out. Tommy and Deputy Presley arrive and are confronted by another mysterious person. Catch the theme? A fight ensues and in the end Tommy takes down the attacker....by killing him. But surprise---he's already been dead!

To be continued.....

Now during the fight, every other panel is mirrored by a fight scene from the movie Tommy was watching. But what I failed to mention earlier is that the star of the blaxploitation film was a superhero called The Glider. We also learn that The Glider is Tommy's grandfather. Go figure....

I really do love this book. And the art is just beautiful. Its just so perfect for the tone of the book. Eventhe colors are perfect.

While Tranquility might not be a must-read.....I really do recommend everyone at least read this in trade.
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I read the first 2 or 3 issues and then forgot about it. The writing was pretty good and the art was excellent, but the story didn't keep me intrigued. But the comic had a Top Ten feeling to it, which I loved, so I'll have to catch back up.


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Oh, ****! I thought this was intended as a mini-series, with its continuation being subject to sales.

I've been missing the second arc. I switched LCSs after the first arc ended, and I didn't know it would be continued, so I didn't ask my current store to save copies for me.

Glad to know it's still on -- I'll catch up this weekend, in the hope of doing my own little part to save the title.