xbox 360

  1. Ice

    I Am Alive.

    Sounds like a very good game. It' an action/survival game that takes place in an post-apocalyptic Chicago that's caused by a massive earthquake. No release date yet.
  2. DIrishB

    Halo 3 - ODST

    It deserves its own thread. So picked this up last week and played through the campaign on normal within about 4 hours. Started to re-play the campaign on Legendary (just in case there's a "secret" ending). Its Halo, but no drastic changes other than your slight equipment differences from...
  3. Doublehex

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

    QacSl0ctEaM&fmt I want it said right here and now that I absolutely love all things Castlevania. I love the liberty IGA took with the Dracula mythos. I love the larger than life characters. I love the mythology, the gothic art style, I love the techno-orchestra-symphony soundtracks that have...
  4. Grocer Man

    Mass Effect 2

    oIOaJA-apis Discuss.
  5. Issued

    Mirror's Edge

    Right after my dear prince calling my dear Farah a donkey, I felt really heart broken and Mirror's Edge came up to my attention... It's nearly the same experience with prince of persia, only in first person, and the "pace" of the game is unbelievable... Faith just keeps running... and...
  6. Ice

    List of 2009 video games.

    The current list provided by Wiki. What I (or my brother) will be getting: Street Fighter IV ---------------- 360 ------ 2/17/09 Star Ocean: The Last Hope ------ 360 ------ 2/19/09 Resident Evil 5 ------------------ 360 ------ 3/13/09 Batman: Arkham Asylum --------- 360 ------ N/A Kingdom...
  7. Friday

    Left 4 Dead

    First person Zombie shooter. With up to 4 person co-op team play online. By Valve. I just played the demo off Live a bit ago and it was decent first person, but the team aspect seems like it'd be a blast. Who's in when it releases? Gamespy Archive Official site
  8. Grocer Man

    Bioshock (spoilers!) The main reason I made this thread is because the reviews so far have been absolutely estatic. I like Mr. Bubbles. The diving suit robot thing.
  9. Ultimates

    Xbox 360

    Hey all, didnt see a thread specifically for the 360... so I decided to make one! What do you all think of it? How many of you have it? Honestly, I wasnt gonna get one for quite some time, I really didnt care to spend at least 500 for a system and some games. But then my foolish friends who buy...