Castlevania: Lords of Shadow


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Nov 21, 2006

I want it said right here and now that I absolutely love all things Castlevania. I love the liberty IGA took with the Dracula mythos. I love the larger than life characters. I love the mythology, the gothic art style, I love the techno-orchestra-symphony soundtracks that have been a part of the franchise ever since Symphony of the Night.

And I love what I see with Lords of Shadow. The graphics are beautiful. I love the music, I love the voice acting, and I love the idea of a man willing to embrace the darkness to bring back his wife.

Now, this is all from just a trailer, and a short one at that, but I am very happy with what I see. My prospects for this are very high, especially since Hideo Kojima is reportedly heading this up. About time that he got away from Metal Gear Solid. Granted, I loved what he did with that franchise, but that is all he has been doing since 2000! He needs room to breathe, and MGS3 and MGS4 were almost claustrophobic.

Lords of Shadow press conference that gives us some tidbits on the game.

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