zack snyder

  1. ProjectX2

    DC Comics Announces Watchmen Sequel!

    The article can be found here. So... holy ****. :shock:
  2. ProjectX2

    Watchmen film discussion (Spoilers!)

    I just got back from Watchmen. I don't really know what to say so I'm just going to ramble for a bit. I wasn't really excited for this movie. It's a brilliant graphic novel but what was the point of adapting a story that was already perfected in comics? But of course, Hollywood is running out...
  3. Victor Von Doom

    300 [movie discussion; spoilers]

    And lo the Gods answered their lowly servant's prayers.... :D SuperHero Hype Article 300 Official Site The transition (cosmetically) from comic to film looks great. And while I understand that they need to flesh it out a bit longer for film reasons......I'm super hyped...