10 best Video Game Icons.

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Replace Mrs Pacman for Pacman and either solid snake or Lara croft for Bomberman and I'm happy.
and now it's not working



The adventures of Dave and Bob McKenzie: Strange Brew FTW.

Mario = Nintendo's Icon
Sonic = Sega's Icon
Master Chief = XBox Icon
Gordon Freeman = PC Icon
Pacman = Arcade Icon
Street Fighters = Fighting Icon
Link = RPG Icon
Solid Snake = Stealth Icon/Sony Icon

Lara Croft kinda = Adventure/3rd person Shooter Icon
Kratos kinda = Action Icon, mostly = Sony Icon
Samus Aran before = Action Adventure/Platformer, now, Shooting Icon
Mega Man= Action RPG/Platformer Icon
Duke Nukem= Shooting Icon (but is now dead)
Crash Bandicoot = Sony's first icon (like yahoo said)
Cloud Strife ≠ as big an RPG icon as Link
Donkey Kong ≠ uber-Iconic... Country and Land were the high points.
Kirby SHOULD be an icon, cuz he's a great character, but hasnt had enough exposure outside SSB to be iconic

Mortal Kombat characters-wise, Id say Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, and LIU KANG FTW.

Genres and their Icons (ill try to list ones that arent on the list):
Action Adventure: Link, Samus Aran, Kratos, i suppose... any others?
FPS: DOOM Marine (SERIOUSLY, comon), Wolfenstein guy...
3rd Person Shooter: Tomb Raider, seriously thats about it.
Fighting: Ryu/Ken, Liu Kang/Scorpion
RPG: The guy from FFX, and the Vampire dude from FFVII, i thought were both iconic for FF games
RTS: Kane from Command & Conquer, Orcs and Humans from Warcraft II, Protoss Zurg and Space Marines from Starcraft

that's all i got, as far as genres with iconic characters go
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