10" of Plastic Fun Thread


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Jan 15, 2005
Okay, get your brains out of the gutters. Recently, I acquired an Onkyo CF-1020F turntable, and I got back into listening to vinyl records. As much as I love the easy access to thousands of .AAC files on my computer, and iPod, and iPhone, and a hair over 500 CD's, there's something wonderful about the warm sound of vinyl pumping through 3000w of 5.1 DTS.

A couple days ago, DSF and I were chatting about movies, the Criterion Collection, and retro goodness. I started perusing eBay, remembering as a little girl, my babysitter letting me watch Star Wars, and Willy Wonka on LaserDisc, sooooo I bought a Pioneer CLD-V2400 LD Player. I cannot wait for it to hit my doorstep, and the pile of LD's I got off eBay (I got around a dozen for $30). A lot of it is older anime, and a couple Criterion Collection films (Akira and Monty Python & the Holy Grail).

So yeah, this thread is specifically for those of us who are into retrojunk. From Sega Master System to the N64, from BetaMax to HD-DVD, from the Nintendo Virtual Boy to the Atari Lynx, if you have something retro that you love and collect, come on in and sing the praises, bemoan the moving on, love and learn.
Oh God, are we already classifying N64 as a retro game system?

*crushing wave of feeling incredibly old*
I've always had a huge soft spot in my heart for vinyl. I've got 4 crates of vinyl records in my basement, both old and new (but mostly old).

My son and I still play old NES games (via emulator, but it counts).

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