25 Excellent Calvin and Hobbes Strips


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Oct 23, 2005
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I stumbled onto this wondeful article while looking for sources for my Philosophy project(we can pick any Philosophical topic we want and I'm strongly considering the Philosophy of Calvin and Hobbes).

I love this article. The strips it highlights and their analyses and comments are bang-on in quality, message and spirit, and the whole thing is just a joy to read. Also worth noting is that I think I agree with the strip they call probably the funniest ever published. I remember not being able to stop laughing for about 15 minutes when I read that one, to the point where I actually couldn't sleep because I kept bursting out laughing.

Here's the article: http://www.progressiveboink.com/archive/calvinhobbes.htm

I will, however, say that I'm disappointed they left out what I think is easily the best comic strip of all time. I'm referring, of course, to the one where Calvin and Hobbes find a bird that hit the window. I can't find it on the net, but you probably know which one I mean. That's one moves me to tears every time I read it.
Cool! :D

I love Calvin and Hobbes. I have a big collection of all of them in three books. But the picture on the internet did not do them justice. They weigh like, 50 pounds each. How the hell am I supposed to read 'em?!
I found this site a few months ago when I was looking for this type of art for a project in my art class.

I read them all in the library. So awesome.
What a great strip that was. I need to break out my Complete Calvin & Hobbes and read through it.

One of my all-time favorites was when Calvin was making a household newspaper, and he told his dad he could either give him $50 to subsidize his printing costs, or become the subject of a comic called "Dopey Dad".

Between the title "Dopey Dad" and the look on his dad's face, I don't think I've ever laughed more at a comic.

The snow goons story, the transmogrifier, and the duplicator stories are all epics.

Best comic ever.
I, like everyone else in the world, love this strip. <3 That last story with the racoon is sweet.

And Calvin's friggin hilarious.
Great Post. The complete Calvin and Hobbes was probably my best comic buy ever and worth every penny, they never get old and I'll never get tired of reading them.
Someday I'll get The Complete Calvin And Hobbes, if for no other reason that to have it on constant display as a momument to literature's greatest creation.

I do, however, have all 17 books(11 normal books, 5 treasuries, and the Sunday Pages Exhibition Catalogue, which is a lesser known but very cool collection), and I read them all about once every year or two. I doubt that will change after I get The Complete either, since my current editions are actually light and soft enough to read.:)

And so commences my 2500th post.8)
I had posted something about how I love Calvin and Hobbes because it shows a range of emotions using just four panels but UC deleted it.

But yeah, I love Calvin and Hobbes. I need to buy the complete collection.
I still need to get the complete collection.
"Heeryor lunboks!"

The Complete collection was the best investment I've made in months. It's surprising how many people don't know about this strip. I literally hit them over the head with the 10 kilo box set.
Good God it took forever to find this thread!

So I came across these and thought that some of them were just too brilliant to not share.....

Calvin and Hobbes---Thru the Eyes of Comic Book Artist

More Calvin and Hobbes Thru More Artists' Eyes

My 3 favorite are the Fight Club, Self Portrait and Future pics from the second link.

I was JUST drawing realistic and 19-year-old Calvins last night! Amazing.

The one with Susie Derkins on his back, the Fight Club and Self Portrait ones are so good.
Yeah, it's just kinda nice imagining that the 2 of them would end up together. And if you tie that Future pic into that train of thought then the idea of Calvin passing Hobbes off to he and Susie's daughter is very tearjerking.
There was one of Calvin and Susie about to have sex and Hobbes watching on Tumblr.

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