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May 3, 2005
Turn on your new 3D DLP HDTV, slide on your active 3D glasses, and watch the images jump off the high definition screen and into your home theater. The extreme speed of the DLP chip, combined with 3D technology, makes it all possible. 3D TV sets poised for distribution next spring.

Read more about them here: http://www.dlp.com/hdtv/3-d_dlp_hdtv.aspx

Me wantie.
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Sony just unveiled a 3D TV and ESPN made an official announcement about creating a 3D channel. A few other networks look like they will be doing the same.
What's up this whole new popularity with 3-D? It's been around since the '70s....
I'm confused.

Do I need to wear the glasses?

Yes but like PM said it's not the old red/blue glasses. They are colorless and the colors on the screen are true.

What's up this whole new popularity with 3-D? It's been around since the '70s....

Yes but it's only more recently that they've been able to make it more realistic in regards to color.

It's still not perfect but it's a lot closer than it used to be.
I think 3-D only works properly when it involves objects flying out 'at you' (birds, or shrapnel from an explosion, etc). Everything else just seems forced and unnecessary and will seem even more so on TV. Watching a movie in 3-D doesn't make it feel like I'm "in" the movie, it just feels like I'm watching a pop-up book in video form. No matter how much the concept advances, I really don't think it can be impressive on the 2-dimensional rectangle that is a screen.

I say put all the money into Holodecks.
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Well....making 3-D movies is actually more expensive. Avatar cost like 300 million to make.

That was more them inventing brand new technology just to film the cgi. 3-D does not in anyway add that much to the cost.

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