My aunt is expecting in June. We were talking about this a week or two ago, and she said that if it's a girl one of her main choices is Sophie. Everybody in the family(me too) said that Sophie is way too common these days and it turned out that myself and 3 of my cousins each know 3+ girls named Sophie.

My Aunt's next choice for a girl name? Ava.


We don't know anyone named Sophie. We know a couple Evas but no Avas.

I suggest that naming her after any comic character be outta the question.

I would never do that, especially to a girl.

My wife would kill me.
Right now the frontrunners are Sophie and Ava.
I've always like Sophie (Promethea reference!) and I've never known anyone with the name.
I know two sisters named after two of the Doctor's companions.

Don't worry, neither of them are saddled with Adric.

And I was just about to say that if I ever have a daughter I would name her Rose, though it has nothing to do with the show.
I've come up with a few possible names for E's next kid.

Boy Names
Stumpy – If he loses a limb later in life you'll look like a total psychic.
Matlock – You old people love Matlock.
McCheese – You know you want to.
Nambla – Now that's catchy!
Jesus of Nasafunk – The Second Coming… of FUNK.
Hatemonger – This one might be a little too on the nose with you raising the boy.

Girl Names
Bessy - Like the cow!
Chuck – Everyone likes a chick with a dude's name.
McCheese – The all purpose name.
Candy – Cause she'll probably be a stripper.
Tequila – Read above.
Laquisha – In case that handsome black man down the street is the real father.

Hermy – Says it all right there.

One of my cousins has one of these names.

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