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Jan 31, 2006
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So, since we know a little bit about the spin-offs from 52, following WizardWorld, and since we'll be uncovering a lot more (presumably) in the next few weeks, I figure it's fitting to spin it off from DC Nation and into its own thread.

Here's what we know so far. Booster Gold's getting his own book that's going to have him traveling through time. Infinity, Inc. is getting its own book, with John Henry Irons as the leader. Didio has teased both a Black Adam and Great Ten book but hasn't confirmed either. We also know Rucka submitted a proposal for a 52-spinoff and was rejected by DC.

Here's my speculation. In 52, Booster Gold will foil Skeets, but he's a symptom of broken time, rather than the cause of it. His ongoing will be Quantum Leap in the DCU, with him trying to fix the broken events caused by the Crisis (or whatever the hell caused it). Rip Hunter will be his Sam.

Next week is supposed to deal with Lex's trial about the Everyman Project. I bet it will also provide the hook for setting up Infinity, Inc. My bet is the book will take a few of the remaining members of Lex's II and have them hunting down rogue members of Lex's project. We've already seen a few of them OYL, including Everyman.

I bet the Black Adam and Great Ten project will be the same book, and I'll bet they'll deal with the difficulties of superhumans in power of nations, maybe with a tenuously restructured version of Adam's old coalition.

I also bet the Rucka project that got rejected was a Question series. Lame.
I would completely buy a Booster Gold Quantum Leap through the DCU book. In fact, I would kill for it.

Although I wonder why they wasted all that time with Supernova if he's juts going to be Booster Gold again.

Also, it didn't work out too well last time, when it was called Chronos.

Still, with Johns it should rule the school.

Really, that's the only spin-off I'd be interested in, except maybe Black Adam. But not with the Great Ten. I don't want to read a Great Ten book, though I think they make good adversaries in others' titles.
Geoff Johns is only co-writing the first few issues of Booster Gold and then the new guy is taking over fully. :(

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