52 Spin-Offs (spoilers!)


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Jan 31, 2006
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So, Dan Didio has already said that 52 would be spawning a number of new books. So what characters would you most like to see get their own ongoings once everything's said and done?

I'd personally love a new Question ongoing, assuming that Vic lives through this and teams up with Montoya, either as the Answer or just as a PI. It could operate as a pseudo-replacement for Gotham Central, offering a ground-eye look at Gotham City. Renee and Vic work as independent investigators. Pull in the Question's old supporting cast and throw Cassandra Kain and some Gotham PD mainstays as supporting characters. Have them deal with the constant threat of Intergang in Gotham.

The other one I'd like to see is a Black Adam ongoing. I think a book surrounding a super-powered world leader would be a damn interesting twist on the regular superhero dynamic.

And apparently the aliens have big plans for Buddy Baker. Having him change into a more cosmic character and explore the more metaphysical aspects of the DCU could be damn interesting, and seems like a natural progression of Grant Morrison's style.
Re: 52 Spin-Offs

I'd love for Grant Morrison to do a new Animal Man comic - "Your story isn't over yet, Buddy."

I'd also like to see a Question ongoing, but only if it was Vic Sage.
Re: 52 Spin-Offs

I hope Booster/Supernova will live threw 52 and get his own series

I dont know about budddy staying in space..i mean he misses his family alot it would make no sene for him to abandon them.

I second the Black Adam and Question ongoing(only if its Vic)
Re: 52 Spin-Offs

well, during one year later, ( can;t remember which title) there was a newspost saying another supernova sighting.

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