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Victor Von Doom

Fist of teh Internets.
I suppose that could work.

Leprachauns have been known for their very astute counting abilities. I mean somebody has to keep track of all those pots of gold.


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Come to think of it the Abombinal Snowman has a Doctorate in Business Accounting

not sure if thats a real thing

either of them


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or would that be either neither?

roger roger, whats our vector victor? whats our clearence clarence?

sorry I kinda just trailed into an Airplane reference


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my momma didn't raise no dummy

for some reason I get the feeling our roles should be reversed for this gag

not that I want to be an old woman though


Didn't **** any of those *****es
You'd have to figure out the net worth of brains in relation to standard monetary value


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"Brains - 52.50
Brains - 34.32
Brains - 82.09
Brains - 103.26
Brains - 12.32
Brains - 77.45"

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