A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones Series)


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Jun 16, 2004
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As I am not as active anymore, most posts of mine have gone unnoticed. I'm hoping this one does not.

I'm betting that a lot of you have read or are reading this series. If you're not then I think you'd be into it.

The reason I got into the series was the HBO show. I was looking for a new show that I could follow due to the fact that nothing was on that really interested me. I put this show on and they were very good about keeping me coming back. Then, what got me into the books was
Ned Stark's death. For them to go there was amazing, I thought. I know fans that were exclusively fans of the show probably felt differently, as it's a huge risk to kill off your main protagonist

I am currently on the third book, having read about 100 pages so far. I would like to discuss but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use spoiler tags as I know game changers happen in this series at the drop of a dime. I have caught what might be real spoilers... And do not wish to be spoiled. It's such a fun series to read.
I have the same experience to you - I am 300 pages into book 4. Let me just say that Book 1 was great, Book 2 was pretty good, and when all was said and done, IMO, Book 3 was EXCEPTIONAL!! You are in for some fantastic developments!
I thought the first book would've definitely been more enjoyable had I read it before watching the television show. The show did things better than the book in some ways. For instance,
in the show, Ned gets his leg broken by a white cloak who stabs him with a spear... In the book, a horse falls on him

The second book started very strong but there were parts that kind of left my head scratching. That being said, the opening of book one that is overlapping with events of the second book is making up for that. I do get the feeling that this is one enormous on-going story.

I've only read one chapter with him in it, but I dig Mance Rayder a lot.
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So I just got to the part of the third book
where Tywin proposes that Tyrion marry Sansa?!!?
say whuu....?
I really liked the first season of the TV series and it made me want to read the books. I've actually got the whole series so far in audiobook but I haven't had the time to listen/read the books yet. Hopefully after this semester. I would like to do it before the second season starts.
I read the book first before getting into the show. Only the first book, though, I should fix that.

Tyrion is the best part, easy.
By far he's my favorite character. Peter Dinklage does an amazing job playing him on the show, even won an Emmy for best supporting actor in a drama. I can't wait to see him as Tyrion takes on the role of the Hand of the King.
I also would like to make a guess. I'm still only about 300 pages deep in the third book and I know that
Mance Rayder is looking for something in the mountains. I'll bet he's looking for that three eyed crow that Bran is.
Just sharing a theory so if you've read the books and you know if I'm right or wrong then you can laugh at me either way.
I'm halfway through the first book at the moment and it's really good. As I said above, I've already seen the first season so this feels like an extended version.

Hopefully I can catch up with the whole series before the second season starts.
I just finished the second book. As I usually do I've spoiled pretty much everything for myself. I just learned about the possibility of who
Jon Snow's real parents are.
So Awesome. I'm trying to think if my next move should break from Fire and Ice or just keep going with book III.
The third book is the best one.

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