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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
Alright, out of the spirit of Christmas, I have written a special holiday story for eveyone here on the site. I hope everyone gets to read it, since I did put a lot into it.

Now, this takes place in the 616 Universe. But not during any particular issue or whatever. So with all this rambling said, read, enjoy the story and post your thoughts.

One more thing, Happy Holidays to everyone! :p



Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
Westchester, New York- December 24th

T’was the night before Christmas, and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be—

“Alright already!”

“Jubes, s’there a problem? I just started readin’ the story.”

“Yeah, Bobby. I hate that story. I think it sucks. And don’t call me ‘Jubes’! I hate that too!”

“Listen ‘Jubilation Lee’—”

“Just Jubilee, thanks.”

“Jubilee, the kids wanna hear the story. So I’m readin’ it. Ya don’t like it- tough. Go somewhere else.”

Jubilee leaves the room, stomping along as she goes. Then in comes Logan.

“What’s the matter now? Ya runts are always doin’ somethin’ to piss each other off.” Wolverine heads straight for the empty seat that Jubilee sat in a few seconds ago.

“She just doesn’t like ‘The Night before Christmas”, is all.”

“Can’t blame her. Christmas ain’t nothin’ special.” Wolverine tells Bobby as he picks up a biker’s magazine.

“You too?! What’s wrong with Christmas? It’s a great holiday!” Bobby closes the book he is reading.

He tells the children in front of him, “Alright, I’ll finish the rest tomorrow guys. Sorry.”

“Aaaaaaw.” The kids leaves the room, and go about their business.

“Listen, Logan—Hey, Rachel! C’mere a sec!” Bobby calls out to her.

Rachel comes into the room and asks, “What’s wrong, Bobby?”

He replies, “Tell Logan here that there ain’t nothing wrong with Christmas.”

“Logan, you don’t like Christmas?! What are you…Scrooge or something?” she asks him, with a surprised look.

“Oh, so you get presents and what not. That’s somethin’ to celebrate. If I give a card that don’t mean it’s Christmas,” Logan says as he flips through the pages of the magazine.

“Christmas ain’t just about presents, Logan. You get to spend time with your family,” Bobby tells him.

“So there’s gotta be a holiday for people to get together?” Wolverine asks.

“No, of course not,” Rachel tells him. “But it’s—”

“Just forget about it. I’m goin’ to bed. Screw all this Christmas crap.”

To himself, Logan mutters, “Christmas-Bah humbug!”

“You know, even though we’re all adults here, Logan still acts like an immature child.[,]” Bobby tells Rachel.

“Wait a second, since when are you an adult?” she asks him.

“Oh ha, ha, HA! You up for some snowball fightin’?”

“Yeah, what the hell? Beat you outside!” Rachel says in excitement.

“I don’t think sooo-uump! What the--? Hey, you cheated! You can’t use your psy-shield!”

Logan’s bedroom, Dormitories- second floor. 12:00 A.M.

Logan sleeps away his dreams, wrestling with whatever demons he’s fighting. He dreams about the old days when he was with Weapon X. It seems as if he will never wake up from his dream, but then….

“Loooooooogan. Loooooooogan.”

Logan kept sleeps on, ignoring the voice that called him.

“Logan, wake the %^* up!”


“Man, I thought you were going to sleep for the rest of night. What the hell was keeping you? You think I have all night here?”

“Deadpool?! What the flamin’ hell are you doin’ here? An’ what’s with all the damn chains around you?” Wolverine asks, still half asleep.

“Oh, what? You don’t think they look good? They kind of clash with the red of my outfit, but it matches with the black, don’t you think?”

“Would you shut…up?! Tell me why the hell you’re in my ^%&damn room! An’ in the middle of the night too!”

“Oh, right! Uh…let me see. What was I supposed to tell you? What was I supposed to tell?”

“Oh for the love of Pete!”

“Hey, isn’t that The Thing’s line or something?”


“Listen, you got 10 seconds to tell me what the hell you want with me, before I—whoa!” Wolverine lunges towards Deadpool, but falls directly through him.

“Oh, this just…gets…better!” Wolverine gets up, dusting himself off.

“Uh, I think I forgot to mention that I’m a ghost, huh? Sorry there, Logan.”

“Grrrrrrrr….this is enough! What the hell is goin’ on?!” Wolverine is now starting to yell.

“Hey man, shhhh! You’ll wake up the others!”

“Oh brother.”

“Oh yeah! Now I remember what I have to tell you! Give me second. Let me get back into character, since you know…you ruined it.”

“Why can’t I just ruin your face?” Wolverine asks.

“Ahem…Looooogan. You have forgotten what the meaning of Christmas reaaaally is.”

“No, I haven’t. I just don’t give a flyin’ rat’s end about it. Simple as that. Now you be a good ghost, and get the hell outta here.”

“I’m not done yet.”

“There’s more? Why must there be more?!” Wolverine says as he put his hand on his face. He then retracts his claws.

“For being such a Scrooge about Christmas, (actually, you’re a Scrooge like, 24/7 really), but…ahem…you shall be visited from three ghosts, every hour, starting when the clock strikes 1!”

“Oh boy. Just what I friggin’ needed. More damn ghosts disturbin’ my sleep.,” Logan says as he throws himself back on his bed.

“You have been waaaaarned, Logan. You have been—”

“GO…AWAY!” Logan yelled out. When he looked up, Deadpool was gone.

But then he heard Deadpool’s voice say, “Waaaaarned.”

1 A.M.-

Wolverine is back sound asleep. He doesn’t turn as much as he did before, but now he is talking in his sleep.

“Wait! No! Don’t go, Rose! Dog isn’t worth it!”

Suddenly, a voice starts talking sweetly into Logan’s ear.

“Oh, Logan. Wake up now, you have places to go to.”

Logan wakes up, opening his eyes slowly.

“H..huhh…?” Logan sits up on his bed and looks to his left to see a very familiar face.

“Shocked, Logan yelled, “J-JEAN?!”

“What’s that look for, Logan? It’s as if you’ve seen a ghost. (giggle)”

“It’s really you, darlin’? I ain’t still dreamin’ am I?” Logan says as he tries to touch Jean.

“Listen, Logan, we have to go. I have things to show you.”

“Where we goin’, Jean? I mean, you just got back from the dead!” Logan says as he stares at his hand on Jean’s arm.

“I can touch ya?!” he says, stunned.

“I’m not back, Logan. I’m a ghost. The ghost of Christmas Past that is. Yes, you can touch me. Otherwise, how are we going to travel together?”

“Where’re we goin’?” Logan ask as he gets up from the bed.

Jean replies with a simple, “Back.”

“Back? Back where?” Logan asks her.

“In time, silly. I mean, I’m not the ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ for nothing!”

“What?! How are ya plannin’ to do that? You don’t have the power for time travelin’!”

“Oh, Logan….ye of little faith!”

Then Jean waves her hand, and a portal appears.

“Come on Logan. It’s time!”

“Holy $#^%!” Logan yells as he goes through the portal.

A Carnival, not too long ago…

Jean and Logan land on a beach, right next to where a Carnival[carnival] is being held.

“Where are we? Wait—I know this place! This is where I took—”

Jean cuts Wolverine off with, “Amiko.”

“But I…I don’t get it? Why are we here? Me and the kid resolved what happened here. And what does this have to do with Christmas?” Logan asks Jean.

“I know what happened, Logan.,” Jean tells him. “But the reason why we’re hear is to remind you.”

Logan asks her, “Remind me? Of what?”

“Logan, you may have changed from your time with Weapon X, but there’s still one thing that you never left behind. Your anger. Remember how you lashed out at Amiko? How horrible that made her feel? You still do that today. You act without thinking a lot of the time.”

“I…I know. But I ask you again: “What does have to do with my ‘lack of Christmas spirit’?

“Oh, Logan. Christmas isn’t something to be angry about. I bet you didn’t know how bad Bobby felt for you when you made your “Christmas crap” comment.”

“What?!” Logan asks in surprise. “That kid left to go outside all fine with Rachel.”

“Yes, but that’s what he showed in the outside.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Logan says as he looks away.

“Let’s go.,” Jean says, grabbing Logan’s arm.

“We goin’ back home?”

“I don’t think so. We have another stop to make.”

“Greeaaat. That’s more I’m losin’ from my sleep time.”

Once again, Jean waves her hand and a portal appears.

“I’m reaaally starting to hate this,” Logan says as he looks back and sees Amiko standing on the beach, not too far away.

Manhattan, New York- a couple months ago from present time.

As Logan and Jean reach their destination, they come upon a scene that both would rather forget.

“Now where the—oh…oh no! Jean, why bring us here? This ain’t somethin’ neither of us should be seein’ again’!” Logan tells as he looks at her sadly.

Logan and Jean look down on the place where Jean was seen for the last time. Where Magneto had killed her, before Logan killed him.

“Logan, as much as it is a pain for me to see this as well,” Jean says, “it is something that we need to see.”

“What do you have to show me here?! Tryin’ to punish me now for hatin’ on Christmas?!” Logan lashes out at Jean.

“Logan, you killed someone here on this day. Again, your rage took over, and you beheaded a man.”

“The guy deserved it! He killed thousands of innocent people! Including you!” Logan yelled out.

“So that gives you the right to take his life? You see this, Logan? This is the kind of behavior that I’m talking about. You act like this man who doesn’t care. But I know you do. I know you care. Your attitude doesn’t just affect you, it affects those around you.”

Logan asks Jean, “How the hell?”

“I’m sorry, but that’s not for me to say. That’s someone else’s department.”


“So my job is done. Good-bye.”

Jean places her hand over Logan’s eyes, and when Logan takes her hand off, he’s back in his room, with the pillow over his face.

“Wha…? Was it all a dream? Oh man, I gotta stop havin’ so many damn beers before sleep.”

“Whoa, hold on there, buddy! Ya ain’t supposed to be havin’ beer here. Ya know this is a school!”

“Huh? Who said that?” Logan asks as he looks around to see who is talking.

“Oh come on, ya know it’s me, you idiot.”

Logan turns around as someone materializes in front of the door.


“None other, ya crazy canuck.”

“What the hell are you doin’ in my room, runt?!” Logan asks angrily.

“Have you looked at your clock?”

Logan looks at it to see the time, which is:

‘2:00 A.M.’

“Oh God, don’t tell me…”

“Yup, I’m ya Ghost of Christmas Present!”

“So where the hell are you takin’ me?”

“Now, if I told ya right away, I’d be spoiling it wouldn’t I?”

“Well, your’re spoilin’ my sleep. And I gotta fix my bike in the mornin’!”

“Alright, alright. Let’s go now. I only have an hour to take ya around.”

Bobby makes a portal, but with ice.

“An’ how the hell do you expect to go through that?” Logan asks Bobby.

“Uh, by goin’ through it, duh!” Bobby says in a goofy manner.

Bobby walks through the portal, as Logan just stands in place.

Bobby puts just his head back through the portal and asks Logan, “Are ya comin’ or what, ‘bub’?”

Sighing, Logan walks through the icy portal.

Apartment building on 34th street.

“Logan and Bobby appear in front of a dilapidated apartment building; everything is very old, and appears ready to fall down at any moment.

“OK, so where is this exactly?” Logan asks.

“Remember the kids that were at the mansion earlier? The ones I was tryin’ to read a story to?”

“Yeah, what ‘bout ‘em?” Logan asks in a manner that suggests he doesn’t care.

“Well, one of them lives here. With just his mother, and 5 other siblings. We invite ‘em over every chance we get because of their situation. I mean, look at them. Their mother can barely afford to raise ‘em, let alone feed ‘em.”

As Logan watches through the window, he says, “So I’m involved…how exactly?”

“Remember when you said ‘Screw all this Christmas crap’?”

“Damn, what is it with that line? ...Ugh, yeah I remember.”

“Well, Logan, one of the kids was still around when you said that. That kid is inside there, actually. And by “coincidence”, he happens to look up to ya. I’m still tryin’ to figure out why!”

“Uh-oh.” Logan said, with a shocked look.

“Yeah, ‘uh-oh’. Since the kid looks up to ya, he thought of acting just like ya too. So ya “Christmas sucks” attitude rubbed off on him. Now he’s in there, goin’ all about how Christmas ain’t nothin’ special, and ruining the only thing that brings that family closer. Ya can basically say that ya bad attitude towards Christmas ruined their holiday.”

“Ain’t my fault the kid acts that way,” Logan says as he turns away from Bobby.

“Yes it is, Logan. Now come on, just one stop to go.”

As before, Bobby makes another portal from ice, both he and Logan go through.

As they travel to their next destination, Logan has a remorseful look on his face. He doesn’t say it, but he’s starting to see what he’s been told.

Back at the X-Mansion…

Bobby and Logan arrive at the X-Mansion and appear in Jubilee’s room.

“So why we in here? I did somethin’ to Jubilee too?”

Bobby doesn’t say a word, just walks over to Jubilee’s bed and points to something she’s holding.

Logan walks over and looks at what Bobby is pointing at. It turns out to be a picture of her family. In the picture, Jubilee is only a little kid, and is being held by her mother. Her father is in the background, decorating a Christmas tree.

Logan picks up the picture and takes a look behind the photo. There’s a date on it which reads, “December 22nd”.

“Wait a minute. That’s the day her parent’s died.,” Logan says as he looks at Bobby. He then asks Bobby, “I don’t get it, what does this have to do with me and Christmas?”

Bobby stares at Logan for a few seconds before he said, “Think about it,Logan. Isn’t she turning out to be just like a certain someone?”

A confused look passes over Logan’s face. Then he asks, “But the pic…ture?”

By the time he finishes his question, Bobby is gone, and he was is back in his room. Logan looks around and sees no one. He looks at his clock and notices that the time or reads:

3:00 A.M.-

“Huh, no ghost. Maybe I can finally get some damn—”

Before he can finish his sentence, the room turns into a fiery red color.

“I had to say somethin’,”. Logan says to himself.

“Hello there, numbskull. I have arrived.”

Rachel Grey appears in front of Logan.

“Wait, let me guess who you are,” Logan says. “You’re the ‘Ghost of Christmas Future.”

“You got it, Logan!”

“So you an’ me is goin’ to the future?” Logan asks Rachel.

“Uh, what do you think?! You already had the ghosts of Christmas Past and Present visit you.”

“Ugh…let’s just go, please.”

“Logan, have you been thinking about what you’ve been seeing?”

“Why do wanna know for?”

“…You have been thinking. I can see it in your eyes. Anyways, come on, there’s something for you.”

Before they leave, Logan asks her, “So how are you gonna make your time travelin’ portal?”

While laughing, Rachel replied, “Portal? What portal? I don’t do portals!”

She holds on to Logan’s shoulder and snaps her fingers.

X-Mansion front lawn…

They appear right outside the X-Mansion, on the steps of the front lawn. But something is…different.

“Uh, I think we just went outside. What kinda future is this?” Logan asks Rachel.

“There is only one future, Logan. It is affected by the actions of many different people. They may not notice, but their actions decide whether the future becomes a good one or not. Yours just happens to be one of the ones that makes the future a…not so happy place.”

“What do you mean ‘not so happy place?” Logan asks. “What difference do you see around?”

Rachel is silent. She opens the door and says, “Let’s go in.”

Both walk into the mansion, and see a big difference. Everything inside looks as though no one has cared for it for along time. It is as if everyone just left, without anyone taking care of the mess left behind.

“What in the flamin’ hell happened here. Where did everyone go?” Logan asks, stunned at what he was seeing.

“Go? No one went anywhere, Logan. Take a good look around.”

Logan walks around, and finally ends up in the common room. He sees Cyclops sitting by himself.

“What…what happened? Where’s everybody else? Why is Cykes by himself here?”

“What happened here, Logan, was you!”


“Yeah, believe it or not, you’re the one that caused all of this.”

“What I do? What the hell I do to make this place how it is now?”

Rachel explains, “Now ‘what you did’, but more like ‘who you were’.”

“I ain’t understating you, Rachel.”

“Logan, your poor attitude for the holidays ruined it for everyone. Soon, everyone stopped celebrating around here.”

“All this happened just ‘cause I didn’t like Christmas?” Logan asks.

“Pretty much. You see, your attitude towards Christmas got so bad, that everyone here got sick of it. So they moved out. The team still worked with each other, but with no one here to take care of things, the place got worse. Soon Cyclops became really depressed. I mean, who wouldn’t when no one?”

“Where the hell was Emma?” Logan asks with a confused look.

Rachel explained, “She left him. With Cyclops being depressed so much, they didn’t spend time with each other anymore. Emma wouldn’t take liking to this, so she left him. Now Cyclops spends his time here all alone.”

“But what about the other X-Men?”

“They all lost touch. Some went solo, others joined up with S.H.I.E.L.D. They got so busy with their lives, they didn’t bother coming or calling back. And with the X-men out of action….”

Rachel snaps her fingers and she and Logan appear in the middle of New York City.

“…the bad guys took over.”

Logan gazes upon a destroyed city Nothing is intact anywhere in sight. Buildings are destroyed, some half left behind. Wrecked cars and trash litter the city streets.

“Where is anyone is this god-forsaken place?” Logan yells.

“Dead.,” Rachel replies.

“What?! Everyone?!”

“Everyone. All wiped out.”

“By who? Who had the balls to do this, Rachel?!”

“Who else? …Magneto. Plus the other baddies. They all took over. Magneto reigns over America and one or two other countries. The others have their own part of the world.”

“But what about the others? S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fantastic Four…ANYONE?!” Logan asks, grabbing Rachel’s arm.

“They all fought as hard as they could. But they didn’t make it. Sorry, Logan.”

“NO! NO! This…this can’t be true!” Logan yells as his eyes get watery, and he lets Rachel go.

“Sorry, Logan.”

Rachel walks up to Logan, and pokes his chest. Logan falls to the ground. When he wakes up, he is back in his room. He looks at his clock which reads, ‘9:15 A.M.’.

“Oh man, that had to be a dream! I ..I..” Logan doesn’t finish his sentence, as he runs out of his room and headed downstairs.

“Logan? Why you in a rush? It’s only Christmas, remember?” Bobby asks him.

“Yeah. Listen, ‘bout that. I’m….sorry about that. I think I coulda been wrong ‘bout that.”

“Oh my god! Somebody help!” Bobby yells.

“What’s wrong?!” Cyclops comes running, still in his pajamas.

“Logan…he….apologized. Said he….was actually wrong!” Bobby fooling around, of course, falls to the floor playing dead.

“Would you shut up! Damn, last time I do that,” Logan says as he turns around.

“Hey Logan,” Bobby calls to him.

“Yeah, what do you want?” Logan asks, turning back.

Bobby throws a gift at Logan.

“Merry Christmas,” Bobby says.

Logan opened the gift to see that it was a bottle of century-old wine.

“Hey, my favorite brand.”

All the kids who had been at the mansion the day before are now back.

One says, “Mr. Iceman, awe you still gonna wead to us?”

“Yeah, of course.”



{And from me too! [ice] 8) }
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Bringing back a good christmas tale! Let everyone enjoy it again for those who've read it, and for the new guys who haven't, take a read and enjoy it, too!
oh, finally a little something for the christmas spirit :D

tbh we don't seem to care much about this kinda good stuff over here anymore...

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