Action Figure Nostalgia

i remember getting that guy, he was called Modulak? i dont have him anymore but i remember as a kid thinkin wtf does he have to do with he man?
ah i see. ooh anothr crazy figure.....meckaneck!!! ack i think the only character i didnt like was man at arms
I liked Man-At-Arms, but I never understood why his figure didn't have a moustache.

it didnt? wtf thats his trademark though!! did you see the most recent series of he man? it was actually ****in brilliant! best he man series ever!
I've got a ****load of Batman, Dragon Ball Z and Transformers in a tub in the attic.

I had these.

Look at these F-in' things!

These were made out of METAL. They had very sharp, pointy bottoms so they could spin. You put them in their launcher and launched them into the arena. They would spin and bump each other until one was knocked flying from the arena.

Tiny, shrp-*** pieces of metal being thrown through the air!

The 80s!
I have lots of figures, but none on display. Star Wars was always my favorite, with Superheroes coming in second. Eventually, I started to build Gundam Wing models, but quit that pretty quickly.

I think I have an entire box full of Star Wars figures. I remember being told that there was a special Luke Skywalker figure, where when you opened the box, his lightsaber would (magically, I guess) turn red. I bought about a thousand Luke figures, but this never happened to me. What a rip-off.
Dammit, I don't care about your Gundams! You made my awesome Spinjas post the last one on the last page so no one will ever read it!

I hate that.

That's how Vito died.
I still have the very first action figure I ever got. 'Combat Belt Batman' from the original Animated Series line. Funnily enough, I got loads more silly repaints of that same figure over the years and most of them are all lost. I have a Robin somewhere, but it's beaten up pretty badly. Oh! And Penguin and the Riddler were my first villains.

Let's see, what else? I have 'Capture Net Superman' from STAS. I spent WEEKS trying to find Mr. Freeze back when I still thought Batman & Robin was cool and eventually I got it. The 'Bruce-to-Batman' figure from Batman Forever was my favourite figure for years, and then I lost it.

What now? Well, the only time I really get a lot of figures is when a movie comes out (which is kind of stupid really, because movie figures are always mediocre). I have the standard Batman from Begins (awesome, IMO), Scarecrow, the two Ra's Al Ghul variants and the two Ducard variants (I spent a solid year looking for Ducard).

Even though they're not nearly as good as the Spider-Man 2 figures, the sheer ammount of villains you can get in the one line makes up for the mediocrity of the Spidey 3 figures. So far, I've only got a black Spidey figure, New Goblin and Venom (which is actually a pretty decent figure). My brother got a standard Spidey (which is more or less the worst Spidey action figure I've ever seen) and an 'Old' Green Goblin figure. I kind of want to get Doc Ock, Rhino and maybe Scorpion as well.
Casimir is pretty amazing. I've never seen better custom jobs. I love that he does the DCUA mostly. It translates over to 3D so well.

Some of them are pretty god, but some of them are blocky with big sticky-outy pieces.

I liked the Batman: Evolution idea and the Future Batman figure was pretty cool. Any use of the Superman JLU figure is a waste of time and energy as it will never change the fact that that figure is the worst Superman figure ever created by intelligent humans.
Why do you always find these top 'insert number here' things?

I have a feeling you do this research yourself, then post your articles around the web in an effort to drum up viewing numbers and stuff

I'm on to you Planet-Man

OOC: HOLY ****! That Devestator looks awesome. Buy me it
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It was probably about the time I got a PlayStation, when I was about nine, that I more or less stopped playing with action figures. Before that, I was constantly playing with them. I'd have big story arcs and I even invented some new supporting characters.

Nowadays, I still collect a lot of figs, but I just put them on display in my room.

That's just about me. That's all I did as a kid was play with my figures in the dining room. No video games or really much of anything but my figures. Not many friends.

I don't really buy them anymore because they are a luxury I can't afford. I still get whatever is offered by Marvel Select and that's about it. I want to get the Lost and FF12 figures.

Still do. I don't seek them out and I don't have them on display, so I'm not a loser.

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