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So from what I can tell from the 616 universe, where everyone is running around with adamantium nowadays, I have come to suspect that the Ultimate universe will be similar. Although I hope it won't.

Adamantium is supposed to be rarer than "owl's teeth" and damn near impossible to shape once hardened. And not many are supposed to know how to produce it, or graft it (assumption?).

In the ultimate universe we've so far seen Wolverine's skeleton, an adamantium cage, Sabertooth's skeleton (+teeth and new claws), Hammerhead's head (rumor?) and possibly Captain America's shield (although that was some kind of vibranium in 616? I'm not sure.) that's made of adamantium, which is quite a lot of adamantium.

What do you think of the fact that when an author needs a hard an durable metal, POOF, some scientist suddenly shoots adamantium out their ***? I don't like it, at all.

Oh yeah, Hawkeye used an adamantium arrow on Hulk, too.
I have no qualms about having adamantium be more common in the Ultimate Universe. After all, this is realistic, and we've learned that adamantium here isn't as strong as its 616 counterpart. After all, we've seen how easily it can break.
TheManWithoutFear said:
A gross speculation if you ask me.
And if you ask me, even though you didn't. But you only named less than a handful of instances where adamantium was used. And in the 616 adamantium isn't really that available either. To say "everyone is running around with it" is to make the assertion that everyone can get some like umm... like jolly ranchers. Anybody can get Jolly Ranchers. I'm not saying it is super rare like the vancouver island marmot (only 29 left on the planet) but in both U's it's not like they are building houses of it. They are barely building anything out of it.
Time will tell, of course, but considering the many times (for a metal this rare) we've seen adamatium in such a short duration of time it is very likely that it will follow in the footsteps of the 616 universe.

We've got two guys with adamantium skeletons and claws running around for christs sake.
Korinthian said:
It's bad writing, and I can't stand clones.
None of them are clones of anyone. I personally like the single white female makeover for Sabretooth in UU because in 616 you just knew that the whole hate between them was because Sabretooth was pissy that no one ever thought he was as good as "The Runt"
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With the exception of Hammerhead, which is never said to be adamantium (I thought they said he was a mutant) all those other uses are S.H.I.E.L.D. Wolverine and Sabretooth were granted adamantium in its Weapon X branch, Captain America's shield (though we're not sure) and Hawkeye's arrow were property of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well. Since they seem to have cornered the market on it, it's not too far-fetched to assume that they have the element in abundance and use it where they think it will be of most use.

And I thought Sabretooth's four claws was great because it showed how much of a moron he was.
Roxxon? I don't anything about that. But ummm, the 4 claw thing was hilarious the first time I saw it....
SeAcoW said:
Yet wrong. It was only the tip of the arrow that was adamantium.

I think

I'm pretty sure it was. Though Hulk might have broken the adamantium syringe that Cap in the first arc.

And I believe Cap's shield is an alloy, so that means not as much adamantium was needed. I don't think it's that absurd yet. I would be a fan if they powered it down though.

(BTW, I just remembered that crazy ***** Wolverine and Spidey were fighting had adamantium bullets)
TheManWithoutFear said:
Rare metals are overrated.
He has a point here. Just because it's rare doesn't mean no one is getting any for instance gold and platinum.
Synch said:
He has a point here. Just because it's rare doesn't mean no one is getting any for instance gold and platinum.

Not really, because the metal is not just rare, it is unbreakable (so far, even though they said "adamantium arrow, I doubt that Hulk would just snap it in half with one hand while jumping towards Hawkeye. Also it would make no sense making the whole arrow adamantium. We never saw the needle(tip) snap.). And I'm sure I don't need to mention that something being unbreakable can change hell of a lot more in a story than a shipful of gold.

An overflow of adamantium cheapens the character Wolverine, just like Superboy, Superdog, Supergirl, Supercousin and Beppo the flying Supermonkey cheapens Superman (although, I confess, to a lesser degree).

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