Adventure Time With Finn and Jake (series)

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Aug 24, 2006
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Since it's coming, I'm fanboying over it, there was apparently a thread but it's off in the Wasteland now, and the Internet loves it like a son, I figured I'd make a new thread.

So about four years ago, an animated short called Adventure Time With Finn and Jake appeared on Nick, won many awards, and captured hearts and minds and memes with its ADD and fun. Here's the original short:


After a few years in development, Cartoon Network approved it for two seasons. The first episode segments have appeared in a few sneak peeks, and you can find them on the Internet. I was kind of worried it wouldn't translate well as a series, but what's appeared so far is pretty algebraic. (I really love Marceline's voice actor, by the way.)

Maybe I'm alone here, but I AM SO TOTALLY STOKED GUYS.
I watched the first episode of this and liked it. I need to watch the rest.
I've been watching the hell out of this series this weekend, and it is mathematical! I think I like the ones with the sugar zombies and the trip to Lumpy Space best so far.

Also, I love this song:
Adventure Time is probably the greatest show ever made.

And Ricardio is the greatest villain ever made.
I just watched a bunch of episodes last night with my kids that had The Lich in them because we'd only seen 1.

"King Worm" is one of the greatest cartoon episodes I've ever seen.
I think I'm missing out on something
Search your feelings... you know it to be true!

Season 5 started off pretty effing algebraic... I've liked every episode so far... Jake the Dad was awesome! FYI according this Adventure time is coming to Netflix March 30th!
Jake The Dad was great. I hope the puppies keep coming back.
Adventure time is god awful. The book is written for five yr olds. Grow up and read sumthin cool like batman.
Don't waste ur time watchin sum japanese BS

Adventure time is sooooo stupid
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