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Jul 24, 2004
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Afro Samuari (Spike TV- SPOILERS)

Anyone else catch the premiere last Thursday? Show started off great. Samuel L. Jackson plays both Afro Samuari (2) and Ninja Ninja, another character who's an old man.

Ron Pearlman is also on the show as Justice, a villain, and Kelly Hu as Okiku.

The show's website is up here, so check it out to see what it's about if you haven't already seen it.
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Re: Afro Samuari (Spike TV- SPOILERS)

That show was kick ***
Re: Afro Samuari (Spike TV- SPOILERS)

I love Sam Jackson and Ron Pearlman. The RZA does the music. The RZA is also the ****. It's a samuari anime. It's all a great combo.
Re: Afro Samuari (Spike TV- SPOILERS)

After this week's series finale---I can't help but think this would've been better as a 2 hour film instead of a 30 minute show. I mean there were only what? 5 episodes?

Plus there was such left to divulge. I really hate anime's ambigous endings.
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But a few years later Jinno apparently survived and showed up as #2 to challenge Afro. The show ended before their fight actually begins.
Re: Afro Samuari (Spike TV- SPOILERS)

I agree that this could've been a 2- 2:30 hour movie instead of a 5 episode mini series.

Still, it was good.

Okay, I think Afro Samurai may be the greatest thing ever. It's a 5 episode anime mini series, based on some manga or something, but that doesn't matter. What matters is this: in this world or whatever, which is like a future feudal Japan, there is a Number One and a Number Two. Whoever has the Number One headband is considered God. To take the title of Number One, you must be Number Two. So everyone and their aunt's dog are fighting Number Two, trying to get the headband so they can fight Number One to become God.

Also, Samuel L. Jackson voices the Afro Samurai, and his sidekick, Ninja Ninja. And Ron Perlman voices a gunslinger! And Kelly Hu is a hot chick in it!

There's lots of violence and blood and stuff, but it's neat fun. They're supposedly making a movie of it, with Jackson as the title role again, which would be awesome.

Anyway, watch it if you haven't.
Re: Afro Samuari (Spike TV- SPOILERS)

Mother****er. I did a search, but nothing came up. Now I see that Samurai is spelled differently. Gah!
The movie is gonna be anime or live action?
i agree with whoever said the manga thread could also include anime itd be cool to move stuff like this there.

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