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I like the concept, I can see it becoming incredible cheesy but it's interesting.
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This would be better if it were a TV series called SUPER MAX and featured The Green Arrow.

Just saying is all.
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This, Person of Interest and Awake are the only three new shows I'm actually interested in.
Any of you guys watch this last night?

Alcatraz is off to a very strong starter, albeit because of its similarities to Lost. That's both a good and a bad thing for the show, but having watched the first two hours of the series, I know I'll be watching more of it.
I really like the scenes where they take you into the past, but the present scenes, not so much. I've watched so much crime drama that everything seems the same. Still gonna watch it, but I just hope they add in more of the past and less of the present.
After the fourth episode, I just dropped it.

I'm willing to give it a second chance by tuning in to a second season (if it gets one) but for now, the cool premise and Sam Neill just isn't enough to make up for the reckless use of Lost-style mysteries -- and I generally dislike Lost-style plotting though not as a rule -- the generally flat performance of Sarah Jones and the under-used talents of Sam Neill.

If there's an Abrams-produced show you must see, it's Person of Interest.

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