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Apr 14, 2005
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I talked about this manga some in the All About MAnga forum, and I've just read the first chapter, and let me give you a synopsis.

Holy ****

It begins as all typical mangas do, a strange scene at the beginning, onimus type stuff, then a shot of the main character (Taisuke) sticking up for his friend (Yuichi). He gets a bloody nose for his trouble, but saves his friend from his bullies. At school we met other players in this story, Taisuke's beautiful sister Youko, a teacher, or maybe even principle in the school, and Taisuke's other friend Megumi, they share a close relantionship as well, but not lovers.

We find out Taisuke's mother and father are dead, so on and so forth, nothing strange happens other than Taisuke sees lots of ambulances going around town. He falls asleep in class, and gets waken up by the teacher, and when he looks at the board, he is suddenly in outer space, just floating. He screams, and then pukes all over the place, now that he is suddenly back in his desk.

Going home that day, he sees a girl falling in front of him, smiling. She just jumped off a building. When she dies on the ground, Taisuke thinks to himself, "I'm so jealous, I want to die."

Then snaps out of the trance he was in, and runs home. Enter the news report about a mass suicide world wide. 2000 people in Japan alone, hundred of thousands everywhere worldwide. HE goes to school the next morning, to find out the bullies dragged his friend to the roof. Fearing the worst (And we see that it will be the worst) he runs upstairs with Megumi to find all the bullies dead, heads and body parts exploded, and his friend crying the middle. Then we get a sequence of creepy scenes. One of Megumi's friends followed Taisuke and Megumi, who she thought we going to go to the roof to make out. Upon seeing the gory mess, she starts to dance around the roof,, starts spouting out death talk, and picks up one of the severed heads. She runs to the corner of the roof to jump off.

Meanwhile, in Youko's office, another teacher confesses his love, in the past tense. He then pulls out a knife, and holds it to his throat. HE plunges the knife into it at the same moment the friend of Megumi's jumps off the roof.

Then we get this scene

Click for scene

So, I'm Plunging ahead in this manga, it has enticed me.
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I read the twelve chapters of this the other day I'm liking it so far. Though I gotta say that I didn't think this was going to be an action manga, I thought it was going to have a more mystery slant.
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Well, the new chapter is up on that site, and we have a new companion for the boys to hang out with, though I don't see her lasting all that long.

I love how many people are suffering from dementia in this book
I agree with everything said here.

Granted, it's not the most original idea (at least the people getting empowered thing) but it is well executed.
Just read that. The ice chick looks hot in the short shorts.

As for the fat guy, I have no idea what his power is. Maybe its Taboo, if you do something you are not suppose to, you die?
Just read that. The ice chick looks hot in the short shorts.

As for the fat guy, I have no idea what his power is. Maybe its Taboo, if you do something you are not suppose to, you die?

I was thinking more like he Curses them, though his power's physical manifestation is makes me wonder if maybe he is good at illusions (enough to kill someone by "breaking" their brain maybe?).
New chapter out on onemanga.

Apparently his power is the "Death God's Promise"; interesting way he chooses to fight Taisuke.
A whole bunch of new chapters just came out.

I love this thing. Nami is crazy and the fire girl is crazier.

Also, how did the fat guy realize his power dosen't work on power users? The only way I can think of is that he used it on the man who recruited him. That would've been awesome to see.
Well, we just found out the reason for everything happening.

Also, I just realized the best thing about this manga: it's the Happening turned into a shounen series and dosen't suck.

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