American Pie Presents - The Naked Mile (yup, another one)


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May 27, 2004
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Apparently there's another American Pie movie in production, entitled American Pie Presents - The Naked Mile. Its currently filming and should wrap sometime later this summer.

Here's the plot summary:

It's hard to live up to family expectations, especially when you are a Stifler and your family name is synonymous with hard partying, outrageous trouble-making, and wild sexual exploits. When it comes to these things, high school senior ADAM STIFLER just doesn't fit the bill. A good guy, loyal friend, and reluctant virgin, ADAM is constantly compared to his legendary cousins by all those who worship the STIFLER name. Adam, despite the pressure, respects his girlfriend's desire to wait to have sex. But wild things are on the horizon. Adam and his two friends, RYAN and PAUL, are off to visit ADAM'S cousin at college and run the Naked Mile, a famous event where students run naked across campus after midterms. The guys go in search of drink and debauchery and find plenty, but they also find out more about themselves than they were expecting...

There's no info on whether it'll be a straight to DVD release or hit theathers, but I'd bet on the former, as thats the route the last one took. However, Band Camp sold extremely well on DVD and was the main reason this film went underway. And yes, it does look like at least Eugene Levy will be back for this installment as well. We'll probably see it sometime next year.

Here are some info links (just to save time, they all basically say the same thing):

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