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Aug 24, 2006
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As the title says.

This isn't going to be one of those epic crossover thing TOG and Doublehex are doing, just some little drabbles.


At Gotham City Hall, an important board meeting was taking place.

"I don't know about this guy," said Anthony Garcia, mayor of Gotham. "You keep telling me he's something, but he can't replace Dent. No one could replace Dent."

"He dosen't have to replace Dent," said Mr. Reese, now working as one of Garcia's aides. "But until we can get elections up again we need someone to light the way, however cheesy it sounds. This guy has the experience, he stands out in a crowd, and he should be able to deal with this Cobblepot guy for us."

A few blocks away, at a Gotham courthouse, a trial was underway.

"As this evidence clearly proves, your honor," said Winston Payne, laying the evidence on the Judge's desk, "my client, our esteemed Mr. Cobblepot had absolutely nothing to do with the Waynetech break-in."

On the witness stand, a short, stocky man with a pointed nose grinned smugly. And then, the defense atterney stood from his seat, pointing a finger at Cobblepot.

"OBJECTION! You're lying, Cobblepot, and I can prove it!" yelled Phoenix Wright, pulling out an umbrella.

"WAAAAAARRRK!" Cobblepot let out a birdlike screeh of agony as the Judge banged his gavel for order.


Properties used: Batman (Dark Knight universe) Phoenix Wright

I have a couple more ideas, including an Of Mice and Men/ Old Yeller crossover, so this will be updated. Please comment and critique at will.
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"I'm coming, I'm coming," said Matthew Murdock as he opened the door to his apartment. Standing in the hallway were three people, two grown men, and a little girl who couldn't be much older then twelve. One of the men, an oddly garbed man carrying what Matt strongly suspected to be a sword, stepped forward and yelled at him angrily in long-winded Japanese. The other man stepped forward and said, "Easy Zatochi, I'll handle this."

As the man called Zatochi reluctantly stepped down, the other man shook Matt's hand and said "Hi, I'm Pieter Cross, also known as Dr. Mid-Nite within the superhero community. This is Toph Bei Fong," he said, gesturing toward the twelve-year-old girl, "heir the Bei Fong fortune and greatest earthbender in the world. And you've already met Zatochi." He pointed to the angry Japanese man.

Dr. Mid-Nite pulled out a newspaper and continued "Now, we read in the Daily Bugle that you are also known as the vigilante Daredevil...OK, we didn't read, we had someone read it out loud for us, but that's not the point,"

"Mr. Cross," said Matt. "I'm having a bit of a bad day, so if you'd be so kind as to get to the point..."

"Very well," said Dr. Mid-Nite. "We can't have four blind mice running around. We want our gimmick back."


Ten minutes later, the blind trio was escorted out of Matt's apartment.

"I told you," said Toph. "He's lawyer, he knows what qualifies as a gimmick and what dosen't."

"Shut up, Toph." said Mid-Nite.
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